season 3.

always a pleasure telling stories with the @lifeandthyme team. especially ones as timely as these. equally honored to share camera-holding duties with @benhunter.

6 episodes – wednesdays in november + december on @kcet/@pbs #themigrantkitchen #lifeandthyme

The night was still young and we had another party to go to! My girl worked the red carpet (she took notes from some ladies next to her) at the ‘Find your Original’ reception for @kcet featuring bites from #TheMigrantKitchen chefs and sneak peeks to their upcoming fall season premieres: #LostLA #TheMigrantKitchen #SoCalWanderer #CityRising #SoCalConnected and #BrokenBread featuring Chef Roy Choi @ridingshotgunla *I chased down the @kogitruck all over LA in its early days! It was an exciting night and looking forward to forging more partnerships with kcet in the near future. Tune into their fall season original line up starting in November! #reiemployee

Watch Ray Garcia of Broken Spanish, Wes Avila of Guerrilla Tacos and Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria celebrate Mexico's cuisine in @KCET's #TheMigrantKitchen (tap link in bio for full video.) | During #LatinoHeritageMonth we're celebrating the rich Latino culture that influences Los Angeles through a series of videos created in collaboration with KCET 😎 #discoverLA @brokenspanishla, @chefraygarcia, @guerrillatacos, @djwes, @tacomaria, @csalgado.

Ok, gonna launch my comparison tests of the Korean BBQ sauces for English short ribs this week. I’ve played Russian roulette with this for too long. One is too sweet, another too bland. Gonna try half a dozen or so to see which one is best.

Congratulations to the @lifeandthyme @kcet team behind #themigrantkitchen, whose episode "Alta California" just won an Emmy. Honored to be a part of the story they told.

The episode features Chef @csalgado and @tacomaria, as well as @chefraygarcia @brokenspanishla and @djwes @guerrillatacos. Watch #themigrantkitchen free on @kcet's site. 📷@antonio

Thanks so much to everyone for the support and kind words about #themigrantkitchen #emmy win. We’re always touched when people tell us they‘re fans of the show, and even more, we love hearing stories about their own communities—the immigrants who have shaped their own food scenes, and in many ways, their feelings or perspective on a culture or a people.
At the end of the day, this show is meant to recognize and give a platform to those people. Those who have so much to teach us, about food, about family, about history and about humanity. To put us all in a global context, and to see a world so much bigger than our own.

As @antonio told the Academy in his acceptance speech, it’s an education in empathy, appreciating what others have gone through and how we can and MUST connect with them if we are to rise above. Now more than ever.

Food, on a fundamental level, has that power. But it’s up to all of us to make sure we open those doors—as well as our minds and our hearts—to the world around us, what our neighbors have to offer both on and around the dinner table. When everyone is given an equal seat, we all eat well, and the world is a better place.
If you haven’t seen The Migrant Kitchen, you can watch at the link in my profile. And we’d love to hear about the migrant kitchen heroes in your own hometowns.

#themigrantkitchen #love # lifeandthyme #kcet #foodtv

@mcrottz is making such visually rich, socially important and relevant educational television about the history and culture of Southern California. Saturday he won 4 Emmys for his work on producing: 1. Tending the Wild (a special to become a TV series which emphasizes the importance of learning from Native Peoples’ historical and deep understanding of ecological knowledge), 2. Lost LA (explores the erasures of historical Los Angeles that inform the city as we know it today) 3. The Migrant Kitchen (picture the beauty of Chef’s Table but centered around the stories of immigrant families who bring a new understanding of their traditional foods to the foodie world of SoCal) & 4. City Rising (a show that explores the continuous struggle of gentrification). Bravo!! #themigrantkitchen #lostla #cityrising #tendingthewild #tendingnature #kcet #emmys

Crazy proud to be part of this talented team of people who work tirelessly, with kindness and integrity.
So grateful to our unfailingly generous subjects, who tolerated our insane requests and ceaseless presence in their homes and businesses.
Always humbled to work with our partners @kcet who have taught us so much about storytelling.
And beyond honored to wake up to our 2nd #Emmy award nomination today for #TheMigrantKitchen

This project has been the craziest of all adventures. I learn so much every damn day—about food, history, and humanity.
If your friends ever ask you to jump on board for a crazy trip into uncharted territory with them, just say yes.

#foodtv #documentary

🎥 For the “Memories On A Plate” series, filmmaker Yiqin gleaned inspiration from Netflix’s Chef’s Table, where she felt that the cinematography captured the world class professionalism behind each plate. She was also influenced by Emmy-winning American web series “The Migrant Kitchen”, being a fan of how they portrayed the stories of humble immigrant food through the chefs’ imagination.
Yiqin made sure that each episode of her series while guided by her references, still remain focused on being able to reflect the personalities of the casts. See her full original food series on Viddsee now! Link in bio!
#viddsee #viddseeoriginals #viddseefilmmakers #filmmaking #memoriesonaplate #voicessg #documentary #filmmaking #food #chefskitchen #themigrantkitchen #inspirations

We're throwing it back to Episode 02 today with a quote from guest Stef Ferrari, whose team was just nominated for a James Beard award for their incredible work on "The Migrant Kitchen." A huge congratulations to Stef and the @lifeandthyme team, and to all of this year's nominees! Thank you for all that you do to make our food system a more equitable, sustainable, exciting place to eat. ⠀
Click the link in our profile to listen to the full episode!⠀
#sustainablefood #foodsystems #sustainability #podcast #podcasting #foodpodcast #foodstories #storytelling #foodstorytelling #lifeandthyme #themigrantkitchen #jamesbeardawards #jamesbeardfoundation @beardfoundation

SO proud of #TheMigrantKitchen team who worked passionately and tirelessly, so grateful to our incredible subjects who shared their time, their talent, and their stories, and so humbled to be among such incredible company in this category. Banner day, kids. #kcet #lifeandthyme #jamesbeardawards #dreams #foodtv

Great to hear a truly candid discussion of #foodmedia today @ the #foodbookfair panel with @claudia_wu of @cherrybombemag Juan Devis of #themigrantkitchen @kcet + @kcrwevan moderated by @antonio diaz of @lifeandthyme The difficulty of finding sustainable financial support for quality, well-edited content in spite of an ever enriching food scene is so right to bring up! This is really a larger problem for all #qualityjournalism

Scallop Aguachile | Chile poblano miso blanco | caper berry| cucumber #truecooks #jbh #ny #eater #cheffeeds #themigrantkitchen #hechoenmexico #foodrepublic #chessteps Photo cred. @theblackbirdsphotography

Been looking forward to a day like today. #crossstitch #themigrantkitchen #hashtag #iamalazypieceofshit

Have you listened to Episode 02 with Stef Ferrari of @lifeandthyme? We love hearing the stories behind the incredible projects our guests have created, and are such fans of what Stef and her team have built with their Emmy Award-Winning Show, The Migrant Kitchen. ⠀
To listen to the interview, click the link in our profile. ⠀

#sustainablefood #foodsystems #sustainability #podcast #podcasting #foodpodcast #foodstories #storytelling #foodstorytelling #lifeandthyme #themigrantkitchen

Tonight: Episode 3 of #TheMigrantKitchen airs on @kcet & online. From our generous friends @tsubakila @spagobh @sonokosakai and others, we learn Japanese culture—soba, seafood, sake, and most importantly, making people feel at home. So excited to share the beautiful stories behind “Omotenashi”—directed by the incomparable @benhunter. @lifeandthyme #japanesefood #losangelesfood

well guys, it’s that time of the week again where I gush over another episode of #TheMigrantKitchen—and MAN is it a good one.

this week, we highlight the incredible, amazing, delicious @badmaashla and the incredible story and people behind it. you’re going to love it.

stream it for free with the link in my bio or watch it on KCET tonight at 8p!

director: @timaldengrant
dp: @austinstraub
editor: @benhunter
color: your boi

Stef Ferrari from @lifeandthyme and #themigrantkitchen talks about the importance of celebrating diverse food stories on Episode 2 of At The Table. Click the link in our profile to listen and subscribe! #atthetablepodcast

Stef Ferrari of @lifeandthyme joins us in Episode 2 of At The Table, and we're going behind the scenes of their Emmy Award-winning show, "The Migrant Kitchen," which puts LA chefs in the spotlight. Click the link in our profile to give it a listen!

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