These 2 women are so incredible! #strongwomen ❤️🦄 Please support #themarychristmasproject

There was a time where my life was filled with so much joy and beautiful music. Moments where I took the noise for granted and didn’t realize how precious it was. Now the sound of happiness and passion no longer exist and I find myself needing it. I am homesick for a life and feeling that will never exist again. Soak in every second you have with the ones you love before you wake up and it’s gone. #childloss #childlossmother #tomorrowisnotpromised #silenceisdeafening #enjoythemusicoflife #themarychristmasproject #ilovemydaughter #mytearscouldfilltheocean #survivingdevastation #behappynow

Back at it! Tying tags on to these beautiful beanie boo’s for children that need a little love 💕 Please go to #themarychristmasproject Facebook page to see how you can help. A special “thank you “ to everyone that has donated to our Christmas In July campaign! #besilly #donate @davidmuirabc @theellenshow @johntravolta

Another #sillyface for #themarychristmasproject Christmas In July campaign! Go to our Facebook page to learn more about how you can make a difference for kids! 🦄❤️🌈 @johntravolta @theellenshow @davidmuirabc @kletang_58

Christmas in July!! 🎄🦄🌈 Fill our Facebook and Instagram pages with love and silliness! In the spirit of giving, please consider donating $5 to our PayPal account paypal.me/TMCP. For every dollar donated, we will match it up to $5,000 to help The Caring Place refurnish a few rooms used for grieving child support groups. ❤️ #themarychristmasproject #besilly #showlove #highmarkcaringplace

Mary’s love and spirit continues to spread to children throughout the U.S. From California to Boston, kids are feeling her ❤️. #themarychristmasproject @ahntoday @foxandfriends @foxnews @nbcnews @davidmuirabc @theellenshow

Check out this little beauty wearing our #themarychristmasproject leggings! 🦄🌈❤️🙌🏻

Love! Laugh! Live! Enjoy the little things. One of my favorite pictures of Jaime and her beautiful daughter Mary. Please support #themarychristmasproject ❤️🦄

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