Happy birthdayyy Babes!! The only amazing and best thing that the council could have given me that i am super glad of! 💯Stay as cool and badass as ever!❤️ Here's to more freaking out, chai, exam attacks, midnight cooking and hogging(gossip), slaying on the dance floor, last minute prep and therapy sessions! The list can go on forever... We've been through it all😘😘#TheRealBossBabe #TheGlam💙💜 #MyPersonalFashionista👌😍
P. S. It's not the same photo! 😝

#TheFab and #TheGlam💙💜... . A must when both of us are shopping!! 😝😝
P. S. @thedarklord94 not to forget all the jooks we get🙈

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