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Hardwork and Dedication.. Work smarter Not Harder..#omerta #thefamily

My cousins by blood. My sisters at heart. My friends by choice🥃💙💯✔️ #TheFamily #ConeyIsland #Detroit

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“The Family”
“My Parents Been Married Over 50+ Years And Are Still Together And Raised Us All The Right Way !! They Gave Us All The FreeDom To Do And Be Whoever We Wanted To Be Without Passing Judgment On Any Of Us, Now That I’m Older I Realize That Even Though We May Have Not Been Rich Financially And May Have Not Had The Best Of Everything Like The More Fortunate My Father Bust His Ass Everyday To Make Sure We Had A Roof Over Our Head Food On The Table And Clothes On Our Backs And My Mother Held The Household Down And They Still Do TIL This Day !! We Were Richer Than We Thought Because We Always Had Each Other No Matter What !! By The Way I’m 11 Years Old In This Pic And Most Likely Me And My Brother Were Already Smoking And Doing A lot Of Crazy Shit That I Would Probably Take To The Grave With Me Because We Always Tried To Keep Whatever We Did In The Streets Away From Home Out Of The Respect We Always Had For Our Family, I Started Smoking Weed On My 11th Birthday 🤦🏻‍♂️ !! I Witnessed My First Homicides In The Summer Of 87 At The Age Of 8 And It Was A Triple Homicide Seen This Guy Starr And His Crew Get Gunned Down On Mothergaston Between Somers And Hull Street Same Block My Brother And Many Others Got Killed On Well Over 30 Bodies Dropped On That Corner Having Witnessed Quite A Few With My Own Eyes, Me Being So Young I Thought It Was Normal But Now That I Reflect On It We Were Being Raised In Hell !! I Have To Give Thanks To My Parents And Family For Keeping Our Home Our Sanctuary !! Because Of That I Was Richer Than Most Of My Friends Who Unfortunately Had To Grow Up Without Both Parents Or Their Parents Were Strung Out On Drugz Or Alcoholics Don’t Get Me Wrong Our Family Has It’s Flaws And Isn’t Perfect But We Are All Perfect For Each Other !! Family Over Everything !! See Young Blanco Wit The Hugo Boss Sweater I Been Bossed Up !!”
We Made Growing Up In Hell Feel Like Heaven🙏🏻👑🙏🏻‼️
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Terima kasih mama the Harith's sudi kongsi gambar dengan kami.

Untuk pertanyaan lebih lanjut boleh terus whatsapp kami di nombor 0193691453. (Link ada di Bio ☝️) More feedback ➡️ #btefeedback
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C A T E G O R Y 3 🌀🌀🌀🌊🌊🌊
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When the tide turns and the clouds roll in..... they are my favourite beach days. #greatoceanroad #beaches #landscapes #seascapes #allofus #thefamily #us #oceansedge

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