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Candy crushとWechatのシーンは好き

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Check it: our first cast is about movies and shit. But mostly movies, with just a little shit.
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I laughed so hard at this -
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Worst Films of 2017:

4. The Emoji Movie: I don't know if there's much I can say about this movie. While it is a manipulative children's film, using more of an amped up advertising method than most movies, the enterity being a commercial, embarrassingly failing on all accounts, this film is universally hated and didn't make much money. It's not a movie I'd show to my child, but I've seen much worse, and as embarrassing as it is to have a movie like this exist, it's expected, I mean, and at least everyone is ashamed of it, and that's why it isn't my number 1. I'd probably be more upset if nobody cared or if it was defended on more accounts, but everyone is aware of it's intentions, once again, there is much worse out there, films that give audiences malicious ideas, and I'll talk more about this later.
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