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Make it a beautiful day, or not... The choice is YOURS! 🌟
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Love me or Hate me.....#thechoiceisyourstomake

You have 2 choices. You can make a choice every single day to act on your dreams or sit back and die slowly with regret. 👊✌️ #makeachoice #thechoiceisyourstomake #completeownership #responsibility #action #success #raiseyourstandard #actnow #justdoit #moveforward #goalltheway #goforit

Take your life and make it the best story in the world #mindset #thechoiceisyourstomake

... Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning all your greatest achievements which require time so it's best to be patience and take your time your meant to be alive and well healthy sense of direction #thechoiceisyourstomake yeah I'm not allowed to be shared like a hoe that sounds so stupid to be shared by women these days niggas with that strategy gotta stop being soft and antisocial or else imma just show up unannounced cuz all that unnecessary behavior ain't even into that shit so easy to put em in they place smoke a blunt before i ever have to think about beating cases niggas did not outsmart the american justice system we gotta point out 3 champions lost to the system and countless niggas lost to the streets and y'all still believe in enslaving women while paying them less your pimping is suspect i refuse to be a suspect in any country and i'm sliding to cuba with my cubans and going to Columbia with my columnbians I'm definitely going to brazil with brazilians who going 6 feet deep or to prison y'all better figure it out "Pac on my jersey #diplomaticimmunity #dynamicimmunity damn y'all killed another legend from Chicago come on that's just unbelievably fucked up that's why i'm going so hard this year damn y'all just let y'all friends pass away my nigga i'm against these children being setup come on i can't even cry anymore y'all cheating breaking the rules it ain't right they can't afford protection and can't be brought out of beef these children are not safe please know they ain't born thugs not these children they wasn't ready for your evil warfare it sucks to see y'all do that hit my nigga come on y'all too evil can't even lie y'all so terrible about territory and claims put the guns down put drugs aways put the liquor in the cabinet y'all gotta change my nigga what we gotta do to settle this shit man damn "Nobody is safe especially in Chicago friends is setting up the friends to the fullest furthermore children ain't gonna be able to deal with these loses of their parents y'all fucked up again" y'all in trouble but why y'all gotta breed trouble and chaos and calamity it's like y'all prefer living in insanity spare me the explanations an experiences

... Still Life "Love Lauguage" I'll be laughing as i live what I love just because even when i'm being shy they reply but I still choose you 🌹been afraid to live but remember your alive "We can Do anything we want if we stick to it long enough" ... Choose Your Love and Love your choice #thechoiceisyourstomake.. Make the right choice or make the wrong choice but never regret your choice use your voice #passionandpositivity it's just us i don't see myself sharing women i rather share ideas... Once a year, Go somewhere you never been before this is the way #keepgoing 👑✌👍💎🔑🇺🇸📦🌹 #catchingupisamust "Dynamic Immunity is just as important as diplomatic immunity say it ain't so" My momma ain't raise no hoes help me point that out #postedingoldadidas They will never surpass my legacy like not ever kidding i just GAVE my life to God to get a better life that shit works better than anything i ever seen done i thank God for this life i'm so special and rare specially since i'm no hoe imma go work on better work the finest jobs be on my mind lmao how did it get like this i don't know i just behave and be polite and be prepared for anything...🐐🐅 Bet You peeped game cuz my business is better than my brand that's why i don't trip over thieves my brother is gonna be a criminal if he DON'T tighten up i'm the highest way higher than liars and leeches believe me your gone feel me first-hand 👑✌🌟💫✨

Nothing like a game of Life to remind you of certain things in real life, you CAN choose your own career and you CAN choose your salary! Want to know more of how to do this, click the link in my Bio! #thegameoflifevsreallife #gameoflife #youchooseyourlife #thechoiceisyourstomake #shalapaskejams #shalapaskejamglam

1: Why are you still working in an organization that threatens your worth? 2: why do you think you can't do better elsewhere? #TheChoiceIsYoursToMake. #OwnYourNO. #DontLimitYourself. #StepUp. #linkInMyBio #RedeemSaltBlogSpot #Identity #Crisis #IdentityCrisis #Work #IdentityCrisisAndOurWork. #ChangeYourMindset #ChangeYourIncome. #RaiseYourworth. #YouCanDoBETTER. 💕💕💕💕❤️

Weeds or flowers? #thechoiceisyourstomake #newyou?

Are you an eyes kinda girl or skincare? You get to choose 💁🏻 What if I told you, you could also get a head start on earning a trip to Cancun 😱 $22 ycash towards free makeup & an opportunity of a life time! #greenstatus #thechoiceisyourstomake #opportunityawaits #makechangein2018

Fear and negative thoughts are two major components that often hold us back from reaching our full potential. F.E.A.R is False Evidence Appearing Real. Making the choice to push past fear will give you the freedom you deserve.
#freedomnotfear #rejectfear #choosefreedom #livefree #thechoiceisyourstomake

My medicine chest is being re-filled today~ since we are "in the season" of colds/flu and assorted other "cooties and germs" we are ramping up our immune systems with more homemade elderberry elixir and have started to take black seed oil. We believe in keeping ourselves healthy and healing ourselves naturally as best we can. I try and educate myself to learn how to do so - it's very important to me. #inchargeofmyhealth #alwayslearning #holistichealth #slowsunday #elderberryelixir #blackseedoil #thechoiceisyourstomake #choosewisely

Don't know why people are too afraid to invest in binary options and forex. I'm an investor cos they're genuine means of money making. The choice is yours to make and you should make the right one. #makemoney#moneyteam#investtoday#makemoneywhilethere'sstilltime#forextrade#investinforexandbinaryoptions#forexway#forexbusiness#thechoiceisyourstomake#maketherightchouce#forextalk#binarytrader#binaryoptions#experttrader#reliablebroker#alwayswinning#easywithdrawal#investwiththerightbroker#360binaryoptions.com#

"I AM"!!! THE CHOICE IS YOURS EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF YOUR EXISTENCE!! You choose, you have the power!! #manifestyourdream #itsallinthemindset #IAM #youvandowhateveryouwant #thechoiceisyourstomake #2verypowerfulwords #seizecontrolandconquer #yourlifeyourway #warriorprince👑 #inspirewithvg #blessed🙏🏼 ❌⭕️💜❤️❌⭕️💜❤️‼️‼️‼️, VG

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