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Tbhhhh they’d be cute friends😍 I really hope there “rivalry” is made up or at least isn’t as big as mtv tries to make it seem. But it’s so hard to tell cause Cara’s tweets throw me off sometimes😂 one day they’re mentioning each other, laughing and posting picture like this one^^, and the next day I see them arguing so I’m lost with where they’re at in this “friendship” lmao

This episode made me like Marie a lot more. I’m glad she stuck up for Cara. The “lavender ladies” is nothing but a mean girl alliance because none of them (besides Ashley) have accomplished anything on the challenge so that’s all they have to turn to. They’re all so quick to give Cara shit but if Cara did that to ANY of them they’d cry and lose their shit lmao but anyways @challengemtv we want the OG’s back. Keep Ashley, Amanda & Sylvia please and thanks😚

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RepostBy @challengeworld32: "Season 33 of #TheChallenge is said to begin filming in October, calls to cast members have been going out. The possible theme could be "Fresh Meat III" with alumni from various different shows being the fresh meat. The spots for veterans are said to be LIMITED this season, similar to Bloodlines & Fresh Meat I/II. (Source: Vevmo)
Who do you want to see on Season 33? 🤔👇🏼.
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bb girls of the challenge 😍
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The cutest duo ugh😍😩 Ryder is always a mood! it sounds like she says “people” at the very end lol. via | @corywharton_ig story !!

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