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Well after 20 or so weeks Final Reckoning is finally over | Congratulations to Ashley to beginning the riches challenger in history | You think she was wrong for what she did ??

Okay next I’m just start off by saying I didn’t give Johnny any shit for stealing the money so I’m not gonna talk shit on Ashley for the stealing part. My problem is that if you’re gonna make a final easy as fuck I don’t think it’s fair to make it to where one of them can steal. Johnny’s steal was earned. Ashley’s was cheated and not worth anything cause again dumbASS final. NEXT TOPIC is the sweet yet dumb joss and Sylvia. I saw potential in joss but after this season he’s just cringey to me. If you fall for something someone says in the final that’s on you and idk how they expected any different. Not the mention the grenade was a waste of time anyways. Didn’t make any type of entertaining/ game changing difference. Sylvia’s hissy fit was probably the most entertaining thing she’s done her whole challenge career. All the lavender ladies/other girl did was talk about how “fake” Natalie was so why was she surprised by any of that. If she worked her ass of to get there and the grenade was a major setback then fine but it was neither so sis didn’t need to yell like that. So bacially you know a challenge final is gonna be an absolute joke when any of the lavender ladies are a part of it. Also the whole Cara/Marie thing was hilarious to be bc they’re so bipolar and I think they have a cute love/hate relationship. They deserved better and that’s the tea but MTV didn’t want a girl/girl team to win🤷🏽‍♀️ FUCK that final. They need to change something ASAP. Like bringing back the OG’s like literally everybody has been begging. Rant over for now until more comes to mind. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. Btw I still don’t like Ashley nor do I think she’s a good person but I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and give her shit and I praised Johnny for doing so. Don’t get it twisted 😉

I’d like to start off by saying that these producers amaze me more and more each year with how shitty they make these finals😂😂 When the winner was leaked I was confused as to how that happened but after watching that bs it all makes sense. Like these people got a full night of sleep, got to stand on a pyramid for an hour, and take 2 steps across coal what a fuckinggg JOKE lmfao. The only challenging thing was the food and even in that SINCE WHEN WERE PEOPLE ALLOWED TO STOP WITHOUT FINISHING ALL OF THE FOOD UNLESS THEY PERSONALLY SAID THEY GIVE UP. & Anyone in decent shape can jog for however long so I’m not even counting that as a challenge. If there were challenges along the way then sure but there wasn’t even that😀 a literal 2 year old could have completed that final. I love this show so much but they need to fix these finals because in no way was that enjoyable to watch. This is just a rant on the final format. Rants of the actual performances and fits thrown this episode will be posted next so stay tuned 😘 moral of the rant: what the fuck was that

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Some Screenshots from The Trailer 🙌🏼

Some more of the cast for Ex On The Beach 2 🤙🏽

Some of the cast for Ex On The Beach 2 ~ Probs to everyone pretty much for pics

ITS BACKKK Don’t miss the premiere of Ex On The Beach Season 2 December 20 ‼️🤙🏽

Me talking to my grades #TheChallengeVendettas

Some of the pairs for next season of the challenge (rookies got to pick their vet partner) #thechallengemtv #exonthebeach #bigbrother #mtv #thechallenge32 #thechallengevendettas

Some of the pairs for next season of the challenge (rookies got to pick their vet partner) #thechallengemtv #exonthebeach #bigbrother #mtv #thechallenge32 #thechallengevendettas

happy birthday kailah!!
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