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@thebrushmaster just brought me this new piece 🎨 πŸ™πŸ»

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I got a hot tip today that there's a vintage Brush Master trapped under this vinyl banner on Mass. & Sherman!

#TheBrushMaster #BrushMaster

Their house is so styling, they had to call the Brush Master to paint the street address on the porch steps!

Actually found this spot while running from an angry dopeman who didn't appreciate me trying snap a photo of a sweet Brush Master sign at the neighborhood corner store where he was posted up. I ducked down a residential street to ditch him, and was greeted by this wonderful Brush Master piece. [note: no, this is not the Brush Master's house]

#TheBrushMaster #BrushMaster

In the background: The Brush Master, aka Mississippi, reviewing some of the old snapshots I took of his work.

In the foreground: A photo I took fifteen years ago of the Brush Master's wrap-around landscape at the old Joe's Fish Market on East 16th.

#TheBrushMaster #BrushMaster #Indianapolis

From the foundation of a boarded-up variety store off of East Massachusetts Avenue. All of Brush Master's text and imagery have been whited-out from the building's facade - but his nearly twenty-year-old signature remains.
#BrushMaster #TheBrushmaster #JTravis #Indianapolis


Time to take off! @thebrushmaster πŸš€πŸŽ¨

Amazing pieces of art by a young producer creating decisions with visions 🎨 @thebrushmaster

100% Hand-Painted πŸ–Œ This Custom 1/1 Piece was designed for @itsbizkit #Hennythingispossible #Artwork #ContactForInquiries

🐯πŸ’₯ @thebrushmaster

"Concrete Jungle" #PlanetEarth πŸ–Œ Zoom in #ArtWork

Big Benz πŸ–Œ

"The Stalk" #Details #ArtResin πŸ–Œ

"Upside-Down City" πŸ–Œ#ContactForPurchase #BuyOGartwork #NotPrints

"The Stalk" Leopards can stalk there target over distances of a few hundred meters. With the head low, eyes wide, and legs bent this leopard is an artist of assassin. πŸ–Œ#Artwork #PlanetEarth

"Big Apple Circus" Monkey got me feelin curious... #Art #BuyRealArtwork #NotPrints

When your bro catches you in action πŸŽ₯πŸ’₯@avrumykatz #FirstMural

Tigger ready with the knockout 🎨 @thebrushmaster

Pull up in a Bentley now they all wanna friend me. #ML @michael_louis_

@thebrushmaster just brought me this new piece 🎨 πŸ™πŸ»

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