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Another delicious dessert from our new dessert menu, brownie crumble with a salted caramel sauce, double chocolate ice-cream & chocolate shards! Delish! #chocolate #dessert #chocolatebrownie #thebenji #benjaminonfranklinhotel

Mama Panda Post:

Today has been a super slow day. Managed to catch some πŸ’€s, do some housework but all the while battling a migraine.
It seems that soaking in the tub whilst Papa tended to #TheBenji was the only thing that semi-saved me today. "2018. The year to remember to slow the heck down πŸ‘Œ." Thanks Papa @theuncooldad for being my tap in/out team mate.
Also thanks for gifting me this unique portrait of our Littlest Panda and I by the talented artist that is @adefe___ -- his work is amazing, go follow and see for yourself!✌️

Launching our new dessert menu; fresh berries & honeycomb with prosecco sabayon πŸ˜‹πŸ’–#delish #dessert #prosecco #sabayon #thebenji #benjaminonfranklinhotel

Papa Panda @theuncooldad and I couldn't agree more when it comes to the gadget front - (waheyyyy, something we finally agree upon! Lol - just kidding)
If you have an issue with your littles and iPads have a read at what the old man had to say (look for this pic on his page)πŸ‘... The kind people at @kidloland let us trial their app and personally I have to say I'm super impressed - (Thank you!) You know that "proud mummy feeling" of when your little does something new and you think you have a little Einstein on your hands? Yah... THAT feeling!
Download it and enjoy!

Ps... Let us know what you think!

Pps... How cute is #TheBenji here? 😫 Our #BabyPanda is growing too fast.

Mama Panda Post:

I was too slow to post for #throwbackthursday so here it is... FLASHBACK FRIDAY!

Meet the important men in my life, Papa Panda @theuncooldad, our Littlest Panda #TheBenji and my Pops Aka Lolo (Grandad) Panda.

Missing my brother and Shayne from this pic BUT the cheesing in this photo was just too precious not to share. πŸ™ƒ

Happy Friday from Panda Family to you!! Xo
#PandaFamily #TeamPanda #ThreeLittlePandas #FlashBackFriday #Friyay #TGIF #Halloween

Bookings essential, it’s going to be a cracker! #nye2017 #newyearseve #newyearseveadelaide #thebenji #souledoutsundays #funksoul #disco #beergarden

Benji Burger with maple bacon, garlic pickles, American cheese, tomato, lettuce, mustard aioli, tomato relish on a brioche bun! #benjiburger #burger #thebenji #newsummermenu #brioche #deliciousburger

Ello all! Mama Panda here, fitting in a #flashbackfriday photo post!
☝️that's pregnant me @finz_g ☝️that's unpregnant Papa Panda @theuncooldad
Anyway. Gorgeous Steff from @baby_dee_and_me tagged me in a post for #meetthemaker and to be honest I feel like I've run out of facts! Is it possible to recycle from a previous post? πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ On the other hand welcome new followers and good day our faithful ones 😘😘 I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

1. I go by the names Rufina, Fina, Finz, Mama Panda, Robo-mum

2. Turning 30 next month πŸŽ‚

3. Living in Central London

4. I have 3 kiddos! (But that's just a giveaway in our business name now innit?) 5. I love food, art, travelling and dancing - not in that particular order but possibly in that order
6. I'm the awkwardest turtle you'll ever did meet. Sorry - I genuinely am working on developing my social skills! (Shy much)

7. I love watching horror movies but admit that I hate the after effects of having to run from one room to the other incase something decides to magically appear and chase me. Or even worse. Come out of the drain or start talking to me through a toilet - bloody IT! 🎈#ifyouknowyouknow
8. FUN FACT: I once featured in an American TV ad/commercial for 'band aid' as a child and had to be pulled along by a mahoosive dog as part of the act. Pretending to ouch my hand of course βœ‹- cue band aid/plaster and a little sing along. Man I still remember the jingle πŸ™ˆ

9. I'd consider my immediate family a blended family. My 2 eldest kiddos are from my previous marriage and @theuncooldad has 2 from previous (who we see but they live with their maternal side). #TheBenji is our blessing that binds us for life πŸ’› #luckyus

10. One day I Will open our first ever Three Little Pandas shop, and we Will also relocate to another part of the UK. #Brighton perhaps? That's our happy place! Dreams can come true BUT you need to work for it babyyyy!!! -- if you read all of that ☝️... πŸ™ŒπŸ™‡πŸŽ‚πŸ‘. I've tagged a few businesses I'd love to learn more about... Don't be shy give it a try!

Til next time, NANIGHT! 🌌😴

Another delicious option off our new summer menu, lamb cutlets, with a pistachio & mint crumb, asparagus, radish & pickled golden beetroot πŸ˜‹ #australianlamb #lambcutlets #thebenji #deliciousfood #newsummermenu

Mama Panda Post:

So. Littlest Panda #TheBenji has been off pre-school for the past couple days due to the seasonal bug paying us a visit and has been hella clingy as a result.
I question how other mama run businesses juggle the whole work-family balance because as it stands I am finding it very tricky 😴 #needsleep #bediscalling πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚ ... ... On a positive note, thanks to @flowertopia_london we've found little one cuddling up to both his personalised Panda cushion and lavender fish friend which seems to be his favourite cuddle buddies as of late!

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the outcome of this cushion. Sam is amazing. Made from some of our favourite clothing we dressed him in when he was younger, it makes the perfect sentimental keepsake!

Head over to her page to view more of her work and I would definitely recommend you consider doing the same if you have some pieces of your own littles' wears you can't bear to part with!

#reuse #upcycle #keepsake #newlove!

Happy half week everybody!! πŸ’›πŸΌ

Port Lincoln Mussel Pot, with tomato, basil, Smokey chipotle and house made focaccia πŸ˜‹ #musselpot #portlincolnmussels #localseafood #choosesa #thebenji #benjaminonfranklinhotel #deliciousseafood

Benji & Cesar - πŸ•πŸΆπŸ’™πŸ’™ - #BenjiTheDog #CesarBear #TheBenji&;CesarShow #modeldogs #cΓ£esmodelos #dogsofinstagram

The wheels on the bus go round and round... ALL DAY LONG! 🎢🐼🚌 - this has been Littlest Panda's favourite song as of late and I can't tell you how much I cracked up when I found this image floating around on Insta whilst having some scroll time. ---
It's so random yet genuinely portrays how I feel when sat on a bus with #TheBenji singing this very song for the hundredth time just to keep him shtum. 😧😫 ---
What's your go to nursery rhyme?
PLEASE Give a Mama Panda a break, reccommend some of your faves and save me from the nightmare of the dreaded "again agains"!!! πŸ˜₯πŸ˜‚
Happy first day of the week!! 🀸
πŸ“Έ - @surrealhk

It’s nearly that time of the week... THURSDAY NIGHT Wings β€˜n’ Ribs @the Benji; $10 x 1 kilo WINGS, $10 x 1/2kg RIBS... plus some scrumptious sides... Word is spreading about how amazing these are, we were booked out last week...Don’t delay make your booking now! You don’t want to miss out - trust me!! πŸ˜‰ #buffalowings #porkribs #thebenji #benjaminonfranklinhotel #yummy #poutinefries #jalapeanoslaw

Melbourne Cup @benjihotel all day dining serving amazing food, sweeps, prizes, drinks specials and live music by Craig James from local Adelaide band, Rushmore! Book your table now! #melbournecup2017 #rushmore #craigjames #gourmetgrazingplatters #ghmumm #benjaminonfranklinhotel #thebenji

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