Small Talk vs Deep Talk #dailyponderings
Small talk just isn't my thing. The "hi, how are you?" "I'm fine, thanks, and you?" "I'm fine." What rubbish. No one is ever just fine. There is always something going on.

Now I don't mean that we should all start complaining left right and centre but there are ways of sharing what struggles you're going through without just moaning.

I've found that the most useful thing about sharing my problems is having others offer solutions in return. You never know who might know someone who knows someone who struggled with a similar thing and they healed it by seeing or doing X.

And wouldn't that be lovely. Because it feels so great to help another person out. But when we're all walking around totally 'fine', well then, there isn't much to help with is there?

The key with deep talk though is that it goes two ways. If you want to share, you have to be willing to listen in return. And if you want to help, you have to be willing to share in return.

None of this one way street business, I'm the guru, come to mama, come to me because I'm perfect and have no problems. Everyone has problems that other people can help with. No one is exempt from this, we're human. If this is you, I'm giving you permission to get off your high horse and be the vulnerable one for a change!

On that note, how's your health? how's your marriage? how are you aligning your energy with the universe? how's your spiritual practice? how's your heart? @daniellelaporte

last nights dessert!! i had a few people ask about the dessert in my stories last night...it was this beauty here, my cinnamon strawberry tarte tatin.
it is so ridiculously uncomplicated and outstandingly delicious! full disclosure i did not use local strawberries last night, it’s super rare i ever don’t use local. i wait it out 90% of the time but i had a strawberry craving that needed to be filled and it did not disappoint!.
you can find the recipe for this lovely treat on the l|e journal just search strawberry. i will totally understand if you can’t wait a few more weeks until the local strawberries arrive or maybe you live someplace they already have, well then make this tonight!! xx .
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De: ti ~ Para: mi

Kohlrabi you’re stealing my heart. Please share your favorite uses for the pretty purple brassica ~ I’d love to hear! 💜
#kohlrabi #darlingdaily

Every time I think it’s spring here in Denver, the snow gently reminds me that, no, it isn’t quite here yet. .
When my son sees these flowers he gets so excited. Daddy, look! Blue!!! It’s my favorite color! .
My daughter loves the lady bugs that we are starting to see in the garden. She looks at them and tells me how cute each one is. Every lady bug has been named Cherry as well. I haven’t had the heart to tell her how vicious they are. They look so peaceful as they sit there and eat all the aphids. .
I love to see the different minute things that make my kids love gardening. I then try my best to use as much of those things as possible. .
How do you get your kids to enjoy the garden?

for the first time in my life I’m starting to like fashion, I think 😜

I mean I bought printed pants, can you believe that?! That’s a big step out of my fashion comfort zone just so you guys know. And if I can wiggle my way out of my comfort zone I know you can too, because great things never come from comfort zones (fashion included) 💋 & have the happiest of Tuesday’s lovelies!

Playing tourist for the day 🤓 #bostonlove

- boat house in a row -

Good night 💫

The facade of Palais des Papes. Nothing does reminisce like this gothic beauty. Avignon, c., 2017.

Free as birds catching the wind ✨

…and that's why OneBars are shelf-stable, squish-proof little bursts of health for you to find when things get a little crazy out there!! 😘 Link in bio to stock up on #purelyfruit. Quote by @theglowdotcom! #TheOneBar

There's no place like…set with @caroline.av.hall, who has a gift for art direction combined with an unstoppable creative drive. Link in bio for more of her work! #LuluArtistsCollective

a mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old ways -mollye bylett
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Yesterday afternoon’s weather was absolute perfection and a perfect enticement to go for a stroll around Vernon’s East Hill. I swear, they have some of the best old homes in the Okanagan.
I like to play a game, when I’m with my kids, called, “Which Gorgeous Old House Would Be Yours?” Of course you’re allowed to pick more than one. I may or may not have played it all by my lonesome yesterday, and if I did I definitely picked this old beauty.
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