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Rosalie's POV:
I felt Shawn trying to wake me up so I also my opened my eyes realised we already landed.
"We landed" I whispered sleepy.
"Yes we did and it's time to leave the plane babe" he giggled and took my hand. We left the plane and it was wonderful. We got our suitcases and waited for a taxi to pick us up. California was beautiful and I can't wait for my surgery. After we got out of the taxi we had to walk a few meters to our hotel.
"Its so beautiful" I said again.
"Just like you" Shawn said and kissed my nose. We arrived at the hotel and Shawn opened the door. What I saw made me speechless. Our hotel room was so big and beautiful. We had a big bed with a big wardrobe in put bed Room and the bathroom was so bright and there was a big mirror and I loved that. "I'm gonna take a lot of photos here" I said laughing.
"There's the Rosalie i know" Shawn laughed as well. We even had our own little kitchen and a little living room. It was so amazing, if I could I would take that room to Toronto. We decided to sleep a bit before we go out because we both were really tired even we slept in the plane. We laid down in that big bed and I fell asleep in Shawn's arms.
A few hours we woke up again and ideas already getting dark. "Can we still go outside?" I asked and Shawn nodded. We changed our clothes because it was really hot and we planed to go to the beach. I just put in a shorts and a crop top and Shawn just didn't even out a shirt on. I didn't complain about that because he really is hot. "Lets go" I said and then we keft the hotel room. We walked to to beach which was really close to our hotel so we could already see it. The sunset was about to start so the sky was beautiful.
"Lets put our shoes off" Shawn said and I nodded. We walked along the beach and admired the beautiful sunset. "Wanna sit down?" Shawn asked and nodded. We sat down in the sand and none of us said anything. We were just looking at the sky, his arm wrapped around my shoulder. I was really enjoying this moment. I really love that we can just do nothing and still being happy. After a while we started talking.

I really want to know what @teddygeiger means by "day x". This is from @teddygeiger 's story.
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