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@rodeohouston awarded $20,000 scholarships to 70 #TrueLeaders! Thank you for supporting #Texas4H! #4HDream

Hangin' with Shugs all week! At the Texas State 4H Horse Show 2017 #texas4h

Had a blast this week working with the recruiting team and recruiting for the @javelinanation at the 4-H conference! Also got to go to the George Bush Library but barely got though it 😀#texas4h

Good luck to everyone showing steers this week at San Antonio.
#mdita #sanantonio #texas4h #texasffa #stockshow

Yesterday at the Texas 4-H Roundup, we awarded 12 students $20,000 scholarships and 12 $1,000 scholarships to students who took part in our school tours program! Congratulations scholars and welcome to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo family. #Texas4H #SARodeo

Time to get serious about parli pro (lay speak: parliamentary procedure and running meetings). I just wish they could give lessons because, dang, an inefficient meeting has me all 😱 #4Hdream #Texas4H #leaders4life

Dr. Mark Hussey, Sierra Gordan, Bianca Garcia & Dylan Sione Gig 'Em for Texas 4-H Roundup! Thank you to all the supporters & participants. #Texas4H #Whoop #ThankYou #TAMU

My time in my green jacket is ending but the memories and friendships will last a lifetime #texas4h

swine quizbowl ain't got nothin on us #texas4h


Hangin' with Shugs all week! At the Texas State 4H Horse Show 2017 #texas4h

Talented #4H youth from the great state of Texas arrived just in time to get front row seats! #FilmFest4H #Texas4H @texas4h

More events from the State Archery Games have gone final. Nathaniel placed 3rd in Mod 600 and Wand, and 4th in Field and 3D.
#lynnco4h #putitonthewall #texas4h #state games

First event has gone final in San Antonio. Nathaniel placed 4th in Junior Compound Aides Field. The remainder of the events will be final tomorrow.

#lynnco4h #texas4h #archery #stategames

Embracing our past.
Engaging our present.
Defining our future.
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Here's a throwback to our first 4-H State Games. Olympian Vic Wunderle showed up to practice not knowing there was a 4-H tournament going on. He was extremely nice and took the time to talk to the kids and sign autographs. #archerytournament #4h #throwbackthursday

Kent County 4h sign up! Come kick off the 4h year with a us at the Jayton pool on July 27th. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be there for your enjoyment! It is going to be a crazy fun year so start thinking about what you want to participate in! #4h #fun #Texas4H #jointhefun
Remember that our local commissioners are kind enough to pay for our entry fees into the #4h community so please be sure to tell them thank you when you see them.

Mark Brown came into my life when I was in elementary school and over the years has grown to be not only a mentor and coach, but a friend. He taught me how to shoot a gun, judge soil, clip livestock, never give up and always try my best.
He has helped shape me into the leader I am today. I am proud to call Mark my mentor and role model. It is largely because of his lasting impact, that I wanted to be an extension agent.
It's only fitting that his last TCAAA State Meeting as an active Agent is my first. Best of luck with your new endeavors at Plains Cotton Growers.
#tcaaa #tcaaa2017 #agrilife #texas4h #texasagriculture #rebathecea #mentor #extensionagent #365photos #365project

Meet Riley Cook

Riley is a Sophomore at Tahoka and has been a Lynn County 4-Her for 9 years. Riley's five projects are Beef, Plant & Soil Science, Entrepreneurship, Photography and Leadership. "My favorite project is Plant and Soil Science. I think that will help me meet new people and 'grow' an idea on how hard business can really be and what it takes for a business to be a good business. This is something that I already know since my family farms, but my garden will give me a better understanding on why agriculture can have good years and bad years. For an example this year it was really cold and dry at the beginning of the year which will put you behind in planting and make it harder for what you planted to be able to sprout and be able to grow up to be a strong and healthy plant. Also, the prices for what ever your crop or crops can be either high or low when it's time for you to sell your crop, in this particular situation it's better for the prices to be high. It really doesn't feel good for the growers when the seed prices are higher when you buy the seed then when you go to sell your crop and the prices have dropped tremendously."

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