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this is one of my old edits so if you’ve seen this on a different account that’s why lol
ac. i forgot
cc. finessemalia
dt. you
@tessabrooks @imtessabrooks

day 1: idol in sunglasses

i just won a game of monopoly so i’m proud rn

Heaven is a place on earth with you🌎
@tristantales @tristantales2
#tristantales #staydizzy #tesstan
[audio cred: @riksedits ]

appreciation post for @laurierpag thanks for making Tessa who she is, the fandom loves you, your a great mother never forget that💗
app videostar
tag them 😸
@tessabrooks @imtessabrooks @laurierpag

I always binge watch @rice ‘s vlogs 🤤💛 @alissaviolet

dt: @jade.freaking.dobre @dobrexstokes ilysm
ac: idk
tag him?
im sorry instagram killed the quality my dood

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