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Its the one's that are bragging they got your back but don't ... #tripleog #memes #sgv #tellitlikeitis #watchyourback #itsacoldworld #repostifuwant

No if's, no but's - just uhuh 🙌
By Etsy seller: @eddieandthegiantpeach
#interiorinspo #tellitlikeitis #90srnb

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10-yo keepin' it real. .
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I enjoy when people keep that shit 💯@cthagod #getout #awkwardtruths #tellitlikeitis #fuccem #ohyouhaveblkfriends 👎🏽

Hallo @deutschepost ihre Filiale in der Ebertystraße hätte da einen interessanten Vorschlag für progressive Unternehmenskommunikation. #tellitlikeitis #mittelgut #servicehölle 😊

Slid thru the East Bay🚐🎶🎶🎶🎶 #TattoosAndBattleWounds #TellitLikeitis

Random guys: "Hey girls. What's up?" *Sarai with a drunk mouth full of burger* "Can you not? Like we're trying to eat..." #HappyBirthday #ILoveYou #TellItLikeItIs #FriesBeforeGuys


This is about NOONE in particular. Sometimes the hardest job is knowing someone is not being truthful. I have always said to tell the truth, that way you are never haunted by the lies you tell. #hateliars #truth #tellitlikeitis #nomatterhowhard #harderinthelongrun #justbehonest #dontlie #iwillalwaysfindoutthetruth #intuition

Apparently, my kitchen door is bland. 😂 I think she's trying to tell me that I've been slacking on the calendars.

Talk is CHEAP! 😬
How about some tough love?!?! We have all been there, we have all though about it and we have all said those 4 words "I'll start next week".... I don't disagree that getting a fresh start at the beginning of a new week is a bad thing BUT majority of the time Monday rolls around and NO action is taken. EXCUSES are made..."its Monday I don't feel like getting up early", "it's been a long day I just want to relax", or "I can always do it later". Well it's later and YOU still haven't made that change, YOU still haven't committed, YOU still haven't taken any steps towards working on yourself for YOURSELF!!! 🤔
Health and fitness have always been a part of my life put when I was younger I didn't take it seriously enough to be consistent week after week. I would get in and out of routines and always told myself "it's okay, I can just start again later". That was true but I was always starting over because I would never make enough PROGRESS. 6 years ago I MADE the CHANGE. I made a COMMITMENT to myself that I would take my health and fitness more seriously and that I would do it for ME!!☺ I remember those days very well... a lot had changed in my life, my anxiety and depression were in full swing but taking care of myself was the ONE thing no one else had a say in. I was in control and once I started seeing those results, I wanted more. Not to mention, the amazing impact it had on the anxiety and depression!! At that point I told myself that I would NEVER give up on ME, I would NEVER lose sight of WHY I started!! 😀 .
It's easy to make excuses, to NOT start. But be stronger than those excuses. Go after the body you have always wanted. Don't compare yourself to others. Learn to be kind yourself and remember that it's not about restrictions... it's about falling in LOVE with taking care of YOU!!! 💜
You are stronger than you think. Just take the step, just start, start I'm the middle of the week if you must but START... F*CK FEAR!!! 💪
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Tag a friend who you know will always tell it like it is!

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