Well, that’s how I hustle below the surface🧜‍♂️ with @scubapeedee
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Quelle plaisir de regarder l'eau ....pour tout ceux qui aime la mer #teamwater
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Ever wonder how we keep all the plants alive during #Cultivate18? Meet Andy! He’s a brand-new volunteer this year and on #teamwater! He spends his days watering all of the plants throughout the entire Convention Center. We ❤️ our volunteers.

I was actually sitting on a unicorn floaty which btw looked messed up by the end of the event cuz everyone was sitting on its head 😂🤣 #wonderlandhawaii #beyondparadise #3lau #itme #teamwater lol & you would think from me going to these events for years now rule #1 would be to not wear white shoes 🤦🏻‍♀️ BISH was black by the time I went home 🤭

On January 14th, 2018, I made the decision to stop drinking soda. It has been six months now and I am super energized (more than ever)! I see significant changes. Before this journey, I would drink full cups of Ginger Ale and cans/bottles of Mountain Dew/Pepsi (any soda really) everyday. I know, yikes!? From here on out, I am honestly not looking to drink anymore soda. Time to celebrate this great blessing! I will be celebrating by drinking water of course! Some advice that I can give to others, take baby steps. Don’t rush the process but simply enjoy/embrace it! Also, don’t say you can’t when you haven’t even tried. You can do anything that you put your mind to. Stay focused and determined, and you are well on your way! #ByeSoda #IDon’tReallyMissYou #TeamWater
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¿Porque no ser tú misma?🌷✨ Yo si disfruté de esta playa aunque el agua estaba helada ☃️ #ViñaDelMar.

Les dejo unos TIPS si son del caribe y quieren veranear o vacacionar chevere en #Viña ✨🌊
🌴El agua
Tienen aguamalas 😂 algunas llegan muertas a la orilla pero igual tienes que estar pilas.
Hay bastantes olas así que si te animas a “surfear” o a intentar pararte por primera vez en una tabla #ComoYo es el lugar que tal.
🌴Usa bloqueador
No creas que porque hay frío y el agua está fría el sol no quema 🔥 porque #MePaso.
El agua es demasiado fría, por eso ve poco a poco 🤭 a menos que te lancen o empujen #MePaso.
Los restaurants cuando ya estás instalada en la playa y cómoda quedan a mil kilómetros de ti, por eso LLÉVATE COMIDITA 🍣🥪🍕 porque sino te achantas 🤗.
Si eres de los que beben sus birras trata de camuflajear pues a veces se ponen popis los polis porque hay niños alrededor y si eres #TeamWater como yo, llévate muchas botellitas porque todo te queda lejos💡 y está casi al triple si lo compras a los vendedores ambulantes.
Es muy frio, así que llévate una toalla tamaño gigante o en su defecto un sweater con el que puedas cubrirte porque siempre hay brisa 🌬.

Y llévate siempre bolsas para tu basura 🤗✨

Weekend ride in beautiful Harvard MA resplendent in #waterorg kit. Water.org brings safe water and sanitation to the world through access to small, affordable loans. Check them out. @water

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Stay hydrated #teamwater 💦

Everything is a-ok over here! 😉👌🏼 #teamwater
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‪Another #milestone thanks to you, our listeners, we’ve reached #4 in our category on iTunes!! Rocking that government space. Who says gov’t can’t be fun. Your shares, retweets, likes, subscribes of #WaterInRealLife make a difference. Keep it up #TeamWater 💦 ‬

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my tarot slinging, rock carrying, full-of-feels number one coffee queen 👑🎂👑 i love you dearly and i’m extremely lucky to have you in my life. thanks for understanding my weird, balancing out my crazy, and trusting me with all of YOUR weird and crazy. i can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow! have a magickal day, my witchy lil babe 🖤

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