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Olubowale x Obama .. #PresidentialRespect #TeamObama

Glad my son got a chance to go to the White House and meet one of the greatest President's in American history. #navyfootball #teamobama

Penso solamente che non sia adatto ecco. Alcuni dicono che sia razzista e sessista, omofobo e troppo impulsivo per essere in presidente.
Penso rovinerá tutto,
forse la terza mondiale si avvicina.
Sti stava meglio prima. #teamobama -
Chi avreste votato?
Trump o Clinton?
#lamagiaèreale -
Mrs Dallas ♡

It was such an honor and privilege for god to blessed me with the opportunity in 2012 to meet the first black president OBAMA..and the First Lady Michelle Obama ...along side with MITT Rodney's wife ....it's so sad to see him turn over office but it was a blessing to have him as our 44th president #2012 #teamobama

Just for laughs. 😂😂😂 #potus #obamafarewell #obamameme #teamobama

PRESIDENT OBAMA & First Lady Michelle 🌎👏🏽❤️️🙏🏼

Dear President Obama,

Thank you. For all you have done for us. For embracing your role as President with fortitude and grace. And for making me feel accepted, loved, and proud to be an American. I will take this time moving forward to be more present in my community, to be a louder voice for those scared to speak, and to keep my heart open.

I was raised to love all people. I was raised to work hard, be a leader, and take responsibility for my actions. I was raised to never judge, to lend a helping hand to those not as fortunate as I. I was raised to be STRONG. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible people in my life, who love me for me, simple as that. And you as a President made me feel safe.

My partner in life is a woman. My best friend is Muslim. My younger brother was born with a metabolic disorder. All of these things are part of creating the beautiful life I have. If we as a nation don't find that versatility and diversity is what makes this country beautiful, then we have a lot to learn. And I am here to help teach those who are open to learning, and I am here to continue to learn, from those willing to teach me. "We choose hope over fear. We see the future not as something out of our control, but as something we can shape for the better through concerted and collective effort" - President Obama.

Thank you, for everything.

#teamobama #loveislove #thankyouobama


#BarackObama is meeting with New Peeps in New York on Friday (2/24/17). #TeamObama #ThankYou #TheObamas #FirstFamily #AlwaysBeMyPresident

#BarackObama is met with a crowd of cheers in New York on Friday (2/24/17).
We miss the shit outta him! 😢😢😢 #HeLookedGoodTho
#StressFree #CareFree
#TeamObama #FirstFamily #AlwaysBeMyPresident