Yaaaaaas! Post injury PR on bench. 339 for a double at RPE 9. Not close to an all time PR but getting there slowly. Brick by brick baby! Loving my new “BioLayne Rebuild” program from @thestrengthcave off the BioLayne Workout Builder on my site

This little boy has had our hearts since November 22nd 2013 best test I’ve ever taken #ourlife #family #forever #love #teamnorton

More back squats do NOT always equal BETTER back squats. Learn to use alternative squat exercises in your training program to optimize major lifts. Check out the article by @thestrengthcave in Biolayne.com
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Oh. My. God. I am ded 💀💀💀 Credit @the_meredith

Not only is @hollytbaxter incredibly intelligent, hardworking, and a super babe (sorry Holly, can’t help it 🤣), but she is also an absolutely brilliant chef. I honestly have no idea how she comes up with so many delicious low calorie recipes. In fact, I can’t wait until the next time it’s time to diet to get shredded because it will be so easy with her cooking.
Now I have it easy because I live with her. But for those of you who don’t have your very own Holly Baxter, there is still hope. She has spent the last 6 months working on a recipe book specific for fat loss and contest prep. Those times where your macros get low and you need maximum food volume for minimum calories? This book is for YOU! Over 150 ridiculous recipes that anyone can follow step by step.
The book is only a couple of weeks away from launching, but if you get it today during the pre-sale you’ll get it at over 30% off. (19.99 instead of 29.99). Once it launches the pre-sale participants will be the first ones to receive it before anyone else. Don’t wait, click the link in my profile to nab it now at the lowest it will ever get.


Today was about my mental health. Went IN ON MY AMRAP TEST. But I took a change of scenery, and went to @keenstrengthsystems over in Turnersville. Met @strongerthanyamcha . He was a big help today at a great place to pick things up and put them down.

Squat- 300 x 6 reps. Projected max at 360 lbs
Bench- 250 x 6 reps (paused). Projected max at 300 lbsz
Deadlift- 395 x 7 reps. Projected max at 490 lbs.

My raw total comes to about 1,150 lbs. I am WAY ahead of schedule! Bring it on @usapowerlifting , I’m coming for it!!! #powerlifting #fitness #rawpowerlifting #livefit #bestself #liftheavy #theswell #swoldier #bodybuilding #aesthetics #instafit #nextlevelshit #instapowerlifting #ironaddict #hookgrip #flexibledieting #iifym #doyoueven #eattogrow #fitfam #rufit #arms #teamnorton #ph3 #preworkout #crossfit #theedge #theedgeofdeptford #edgefitnessclubs

Slowly inching back to where I was with much less volume. Staying consistent is the most challenging aspect of anything for me. And probably for you too.

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Want to train like me??? Now you can use the same programming! Since we started documenting my rebuilding phase so many of you have been asking for my programming. Now you can get it as part of the BioLayne Workout Builder(link in profile).
You’ll get the same science based programming I use PERSONALLY from my coach @thestrengthcave but with enough customization options to make it work for YOU and your gym options.
This system of programming will be especially useful for anyone who wants to build up their squat, benchpress, and dead lift, but doesn’t want to have to crush themselves with enormous amounts of volume on the big three. This program will also really build up your core strength and stability. Further, if you want to get strong but have some nagging injuries that get aggravated by the big three, this system is also great. Click the link in my profile to get access to the program and all the other great programming templates in the workout builder.

🤦🏻‍♂️Stumbled on a microcosm of everything that is wrong with the “health food” industry after my lift today. I didn’t bring a lunch so I went to the vending machine and bought a Len and Larry’s cookie for some extra carbs and protein to complement my shake, and noticed these new trail mix bars and figured I’d try them too since I need a lot of calories right now.
🧐 They are labeled as Be Better Protein Squares and state that they have 10g of protein and 6g of fiber, so I figured they were similar to an RX bar macro-wise. I don’t think 10g of protein is even close to justifying the name protein bar but whatever, I was already getting 30g from my shake and 16g from the cookie so was buying this because it seemed like it would be a tasty source of extra calories.
Which is pretty much all it was. When I flipped the package over it turns out that this TWO OUNCE package is TWO SERVINGS, each with a mere 5g of protein and 3g of fiber, but 170 calories each!!! Now in this specific situation following a two hour lift I guess I’m ok with 216 fat calories, 80 carb calories, and 40 protein calories, but the average person probably wouldn’t be.
This is clearly marked as a “health food”- the company has the balls to label it a protein bar, act like it’s high fiber, and flaunt that it’s dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and has no artificial preservatives. The back also says non GMO, vegan, peanut free, blah blah blah blah blah. Unless you got celiac disease, a peanut/soy allergy, or are lactose intolerant none of that matters. This is a fucking candy bar that will probably make you poop a tad better than a snickers bar and has an extra couple grams of protein. Calorically it’s actually worse. So please don’t fall for this kind of marketing, this is the kind of stuff that makes nutritionists insane. If you want a 2 oz calorie bomb literally eat whatever the hell you want.

So i’ve been working with My coach for the past 20 weeks on fixing my metabolism.
I’ve gone from 1900 cals to 2450 and only gaining bout 3kg a little more then I’d like but I had moments over the past 4mths I wasn’t adhering to the plan.
My energy output hasn’t been 100% with my wrist but did what i could at the time.
We are currently going to maintain macros of:
155g protein 300g carbs and 70g fat for few weeks and then we are going to try a mini cut 👌

I’ve been wanting to drop weight for A LONG time but I knew I had to fix my body first!

Excited for the next step of my fitness journey 💪
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Tämän hetken kuntoo eilisen etureisitreenin jälkeen 🤓💪🏼 Kiitos @sipitimonen kuvien ottamisesta! 😊👊🏼 #kuntokeskusenergy #energyrantakylä #nfe2018 #conditioncheck #contestprep #contestprepguide #8weeksout #teamnorton #teambiolayne #bodybuilding #fitness #fitfam #pakkotoisto #teameastfit

She lost weight while eating MORE FOOD??? 😱😱😱
Check out our latest update video on our YouTube channels (link in @hollytbaxter profile) where we discuss week 4 of Holly’s contest prep and how she actually lost weight on her diet break eating more food whereas previously she had been stagnant 🤔.
Part of the reason we do diet breaks is to help maintain muscle mass, improve fat loss efficiency, and maintain metabolic rate during dieting. Now diet ‘break’ doesn’t mean you eat whatever you want, it just means you eat at maintenance. But you have to calculate it for your current actual maintenance... not ‘offseason’ or predicted maintenance since your BMR drops during contest prep. To learn more about how to set up a contest prep diet using diet breaks, click the link in my profile.

👌🏽Week 4 Contest Prep! 🔥
(Full Youtube Link in bio).
This was probably one of my most enjoyable weeks of the year so far!
AND.....I LOST weight on my HIGH CALORIE WEEK! 😯🤔
I went out for for my favorite food mid week (Japanese), went and stayed at the beach Friday to Sunday.
@biolayne and I went dancing an outdoor beach bar Friday night, @iamninasilic and @iamchinomarin joined us Saturday so we went for a beautiful bike ride along the beach. We ate lunch and had cocktails by the water, and I still managed to fit in all my work and training. Only now I feel like I need another holiday😅
Things were a little different with regards to my diet too.
My week usually starts of a Tuesday so I’ll take 2 full weeks of dieting then a full weeks diet break.
This week because we had guests visiting from out of town, I wanted to delay my high days until they arrived.
This meant the first 3 days of this week I was on my low calorie dieting macros (165P,137C,47F), followed by 7 full days of diet breaks(165P,210,52F) followed by 4 days back on the diet macros. .
If you watch the full video this is very apparent! .
I actually LOST weight during my diet break which is awesome. In this weeks video we discuss some of the possible reasons why we can lose on higher calories, and how I structure my week to accommodate social life.
Accredited Practicing Dietitian, APD. Holly Baxter, Ms. Dietetics, Bs. Food Science & Nutrition, Online Nutrition & Physique Coach @biolayne, 2x Natural World Champion Fitness Model
For all coaching inquiries, please email me 📩 hb@biolayne.com

2nd week into my Rebuild Phase 1 from @thestrengthcave and this was the first day things felt heavy. I hit 420 for a set of 2 followed by 255 on safety bar dead squats (set pin at parallel and add bands). I did 4 singles with that (2 shown) and those were brutal. .
Today was fun as @hollytbaxter @mathasfitness and I headed down to @mi40_gym to train and record a podcast with @ifbbbenpak we had a great time and look for the podcast to drop in the coming weeks.

Mondays are for squatting and contemplating.
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Some people believe it’s impossible to be fit AND maintain a social life....We disagree! Check out these tips for striking the right balance between your fitness goals and your friend group. New Biolayne article by @andrewnpardue

My man @bdccarpenter bringing straight 🔥🔥🔥. People make such a big deal over insulin but facts are facts. Hormonal responses do not supersede energy balance. We now have a PLETHORA of data that demonstrate when calories and protein are equated, there is zero difference in weight/fat loss between lower carb/higher fat diets and higher carb/lower fat diets.
This is a subject I covered in painstaking detail in my ebook (link in profile) and its actually GREAT news! It means that as long as you hit your calorie and PROTEIN targets (fiber is also very important but not assessed in many of these studies) you can do what your preference is for carbs and fats with your remaining calories! So knock back an apple or an avocado depending on your preference and chill the **** our about hormones. If they really made that big of a difference then we would see differences in fat loss when calories are equated. We don’t see that, thus they just don’t make a physiological difference compared to energy balance.

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