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Hi. Malapit na pala halloween 👻 Green tea detox mask is life! #teami @teamiblends

Tate and I love going for evening bike rides! Even with 6 kids, I still try to be a fit mommy and get my kids to exercise with me 🚴‍♀️ I'll be honest though, sometimes I just don't have the energy. Two weeks ago, I ordered @teamiblends as a supplement for coffee and oh my god! I didn't think I'd have this much energy 🔥 I'm not jittery at all though like with coffee, just super energized and ready to get things DONE! The one tea that I've been drinking is the Teami Skinny and not only does it give me so much energy, I'm also noticing how my body looks and feels. No more bloating and my skin just looks radiant. It's crazy what a detox can do for you! If you guys haven't tried detoxing, you have to try theirs! Use code SHERI for 15% off at checkout #teamimommi #thankyouteami #teami

Feeling extra today with my new white @teamiblends tumbler. Sipping on my Colon tea to help me detox and get rid of this bloat since I’ve been stress eating a little bit lately. Bad Adry! ✅@adry_bella✅ BE STRONG, LIVE LONG💟 #thankyouteami -
Have you tried @teamiblends? Use my code ADRY18 for an 18% discount on any purchase!

Rambo and I are so ready for fall & the holidays !! I ordered @teamiblends and I loveeee the skinny tea!! I drink it as soon as I get up in the morning and it gives me so much energy, I don’t even need to drink my coffee anymore! And for those cheat days, I’ve been drinking the cleanse tea so I don’t backtrack! It’s amazing 😍 Have you guys tried detoxing? If you want to try, use code KJ15 so you can get 15% off!!! #thankyouteami #teami

Off duty. #deepavali #holiday

I’m not going to lie, being a mommy to twin boys has me a bit exhausted 24/7 but thanks to @teamiblends Alive tea , it has me feeling just THAT! I am so excited to have found this tea because it gives me the energy I need to tackle the tasks of the day without crashing later. All my fellow mamas need a pick me up or you just have a case of the Monday blues ? This is your go to! Use code: FOXX15 for discount and try it with you, you'll thank you later 😘 #thankyouteami

#teami #teamiblends #teamialive #mommypickmeup #momofboys #motherhood #twinmom #energy #healthyenergy #pickmeup #mondaymorningfuel #mommyfuel

Just tried @teamiblends for the first time after seeing so many people rave about it and I'm obsessed! I drink my Teami colon before bed and start my day each morning with a cup of my skinny tea! Between this and Johns workouts for me, my body is looking and feeling so good. Let’s be detox besties and shed a few lbs before the holidays together! Let me know if you have any questions below 🤗 Use code ALIG for 15% off #thankyouteami #teami #ad

After a month of intense training I finally see my first results. My @teamiblends helped me to get in shape, be full of energy and detox all that yucky food out of my body when I have a cheat day or two 😊 but didn't want to lose progress! If you guys don't believe me, try for yourself and use code GALINKA15 for $ off at checkout. Let me know if you have any questions below! #thankyouteami #teami

Being a Mother and being fit don't always go together! It's so hard to find the time and energy to workout with my little boy! I've been seeing @teamiblends everywhere and thought there had to be something to this if everyone is drinking it. Well, a couple weeks in and I'm waking up leaner and more energetic. It's crazy what a detox can do for the body. I never believed drinking tea would make me feel so good! Bye bye mom bod! Use code LAURKC for $ off if you want to try with me! #teamimommi #thankyouteami #teami #Ad


TeaMi in my new yellow tumbler! #teami #teamitumbler #teamiblends #teamiloyality

So I know it’s hard to believe but I’m an addict...
These 5 @teamiblends tumblers are NOT all that I have.
I have 14 tumblers, every single color. Even the mermaid tumbler.
I have a problem...
But I LOVE my tumblers.
I literally can put anything that I want in them. (Besides all my Teami tea that I have)
And they’re the perfect bottle for infused water.
Because let’s face it, water is blah to me and for me to drink it I need some flavor.
Well the tumblers helped with that because I cut my fruit up, throw it in, add water and BAM I’m done!
And the hidden compartment at the bottom is amazing for more tea, vitamins or whatever else 😉
But yeah...I think I have a problem.

Want your very own tumbler!?
Go check out all the lovely colors.
Use code SARAK10 to save 10% off your entire order at checkout.

@teamiloyalty #teamiopc #teamiblends #teami #teamitumbler #rainbow #mermaid #unicorn #day3 #teatime #addiction #thankyouteami #teamiloyalty

Halo team! We are so fun for fixing the bugs hahaha
#team #teami.t #I.TTeam #developer #stickearn #tehcnicalwriter #office

♡Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile.'|| ♡●♡●♡●☆♢♢😍😘😎❤💋#TeamI.GPH #l50l #power! #korean #love #beautiful!

With my cutiepie sweetie girl... (bestfriend,playmate,and she's there when im doing H.W.) Thank you Asnia Ericka Villaverde! Miss you!😙😘 #feelingalone #sad #l4l #TeamI.GPH

🌸VITAMIN C SERIES 🎀french rose
🍂dikenali sebagai 'women flower'
🍂kaya dengan vit c
🍂untuk kecantikan dalaman dan luaran
🍂baik untuk kestabilan hormon
🍂baik untuk kestabilan hormon
🍂terbaik mengatasi senggugut dan haid tersekat
🍂melegakan stress dan sakit kepala 🎀calendula
🍂kaya dengan vit c
🍂melegakan rasa tidak selesa
🍂baik untuk penghadaman dan melegakan gastrik
🍂baik untuk kulit dan eczema 🎀lemon grass
🍂melancarkan peredaran darah
🍂mengurangkan lebihan air
🍂baik untuk penghadaman
🍂baik untuk kulit 🌹1jar : RM25
🌸postage : RM7 sm/RM9 ss
📲WA 0106647287

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Hi. Malapit na pala halloween 👻 Green tea detox mask is life! #teami @teamiblends - @anneclutz

Hi. Malapit na pala halloween 👻 Green tea detox mask is life! #teami @teamiblends

Off duty. #deepavali #holiday

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Happy mail day!!! This knitting kit arrived from @amirisushop . This is my first time to buy a kit. I can't wait to start😊. #knitting #knitsweater #nanook #amirisu #amimono #teami

🤙😎👯 siempre relajados #algobien #relajado #unatarde #prettygirl #teami 😈🗻

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