Friday 10/19
Squats-Back in light wraps
High Bar Squat
3s Pause Bench

6x1 @ 325. Had the option to work up tonight, but it was of those meh days, so kept it there. .
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If this isn’t a simple way of describing why women should strength train .... and the reason why I have done this job for 20+ years ...and continue to love it! -
Having struggled with health for a long time @misslis_x had had to work damn hard and overcome so much to get to where she is today, not only working and full time studying she’s the epitome of a hard graft, still gets her training and nutritional prep done, no excuses! Proud of this girls dedication to bettering herself both physically and in life!
For more information on how to start training with weights contact myself at @gregg_thompson_gpt -
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That feel when you make it all the way through the @teamgpt ‘stop and add 5’ scheme. Better yet, beltless 😊 Always find ways to crisp up form but pumped with how squats felt overall today. And how I’ve been feeling overall with nutritional guidance from @alroth1 #fuelingsuccess 🔥Honing in on my nutrition has definitely made a huge difference in my energy levels and recovery. It’s always important to recognize the strength is developed outside of the gym as well as inside 💪🏼 #7weeksout

🎉 Hit that #pr #deadlift last week, that I keep missing in the previous weeks, and it went up easier than I expected! 🎉
I am (clearly) extremely bad at being able to tell when I can hit a PR, but I guess I’m starting to get a little better, mostly thanks to the advice & feedback of @teamgpt 🙏. .
Some things I noticed that I (unintentionally) did differently this time, and will try to pay more attention to next time:
. .
🚨 Watched back all of my reps to see how much they slowed down as the weight got heavier. This helped me feel a little more confident that I had the next weight.
🚨 Rested a little bit more than usual before going for the PR. Had a little side convo with @jamal.jokkok to decide if I was going to go for it, which I’m sure took much longer than I normally do between sets (usually less than 2 min).
🚨 Didn’t overthink it. This is like a 🦄 moment for me. I just walked up to the bar, knowing I was going to pull it and I did. Someday I would like my whole life to be full of non-overthinking moments 🤞 .
🚨 Focus on trying to pull the slack out of the bar before initiating the lift. All my previous singles this day were suuuuper smooth. It’s harder for me to do this when it’s a PR, but I’ll get there.
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Squats from last night 6x4 @ 225; last set here. Felt pretty smoooooth. .
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Continuing my boring, submaximal training but realizing that a lot of these weights just feel easier and easier! 2x3 at 215, 3x2 at 225, and another 3x3 at 215 on squats, plus 6x3 at 120 on bench, all felt great.

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Some beltless squats and dead’s... feels good to hit 495 beltless again! Dead’s worked up to 429 for triples👍😎 thanks @teamgpt for the double 🖕🖕#beltlesslife #teamgpt #painfreeforonce

260x6 squats from yesterday. Yesterday was a long, frustrating day, and I had no desire to go to the gym, especially not for heavy sets of 6. I forced myself to go and hit my goal numbers, rather skip or go lighter (something I'm guilty of when I just want to get out). I do this for fun, but I also want to be the best that I can. Not every training session leading up to that is fun, but it has to get done. So here's to plugging away on the bad days and the good, the hard days and the easy, because strength athletes do what it takes to better themselves #workhard #girlswholift #likeagirl #squats #ladieslifthere #strongwoman #strengthathlete #liftheavy #girlswholiftheavy #girlswhostrongman #teamgpt

Here my top set on bench with 325 1x3, didn’t have long pauses but will definitely work on that. This a #pr so I’m happy how bench been going lately. #usapl #74kg #teamgpt #bench #a7intl #longarms #usaplsc @congo_28 @teamgpt

Haven’t pulled more than a triple in at least 2 years. Add hex plates and 3s pauses for maximal self loathing. #YesThatsAMullet #TeamGPT #TeamEQX #BeetleBarbell

Tuesday 10/16
SSB-Note the Titan Fitness SSB makes everything feel 75lbs heavier. Don’t skimp out. Buy the Elite FTS

8x3@435 w/ 60sec rest between sets. 8th set shown

Day called for a 5x5 and I managed to get two sets in with 405lbs @rpe 6.5-7.5! Huge volume PR at this weight. Had to lift at my school's rec center tonight which called for some adjustments due to whippy bars with zero knurling. Still very happy with this, next week will be even better. @croninstrength
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It finally happened. I didn't suck at Nationals😆.. I felt the best I have ever felt prior to a meet, I worked extremely hard on my mental game this time around and it paid off. I was able to contain my nerves and stay super focused. Because I felt so good we initiated full send mode, Went 8/9, (had to retake my 1st squat due to being called on depth, definitely had more in the tank.) Squat 391, Bench 231, Deads 452, for a 55lb meet PR in this weight class. Came in 3rd in the M1 division, 8th in the open. I could not have done this without the support and coaching from @hurricaneharv ❤ and from @teamgpt and the whole team crew @brianbellitto @corso26 @ironmaiden316 @rageroni @no_gainz_ralphie @kelly_fitmore @ragnar_training12 @maghanwilbur and everyone from back home who showed me so much support. Thank you everyone, this will be a Nationals I'll remember always. I could have done without turning my back into dust though, that was just uncalled for😑

Definitely not the meet I wanted. I would post the entire thing but I just don’t feel like getting into it that much. 😔 they were numbers I just wanted sooo badly and got them easily in training but when it came to . All I can do is train for next time and I will crush the numbers I originally wanted to and that’s a promise I am making to myself. I’ll do anything in my power to do what I need to do to get better, not just stronger. Anyways thanks @teamgpt for being such a good coach/friend and thanks for the poweraid. @brianbellitto thanks for making sure I ate and drank enough and for letting me borrow your headphones and music🙂. And thanks @corso26 for being my comic relief when I needed it the most 😂. Thanks @april_sno for being such an encouraging friend. Thanks @hurricaneharv @kelly_fitmore @rageroni and @no_gainz_ralphie for cheering me on! Seriously love all of you! Oh one more thanks to my team cousins @coachzcooper @precision_powerlifting_systems I appreciate all the encouragement and help in the back! Even though I didn’t lift great, I did end up having a whole lot of fun! All I can do now is do better. 😁
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🌟Commando Run Smashed🌟

Challenging run with the 10k Commando Challenge being completed! ☺️💪 There will be future runs which more people would be able to get involved with.
Obstacles were fun, had a great team to run with, everyone supported each other throughout the race, thank you guys for turning up & giving it ago.
Can’t imagine what it’s like being fully kitted with the commando bag on your back with the run 😷😷 Will keep everyone updated on future events on TEAM GPT!
But for now, rest up, enjoy a big meal or 2 & get ready to train for the next one! 🌟Goldsworthy Personal Training🌟

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Didn’t have the best day as far as my performance. As frustrating as it is to miss lifts and not put up the numbers you are expecting to, it isn’t that big of a deal.
I get to train, coach and compete in a sport that I love.
Thanks to everyone who let me help them this weekend.
@kelly_fitmore @april_sno @no_gainz_ralphie @ironmaiden316 @hurricaneharv @maghanwilbur @scovs13 @h_ngyn_
Thanks to everyone who helped me.
@teamgpt @corso26
Thanks to @rageroni who came across the country with me to support me. 😘

Proud to be a part of this team.

Now I get to eat all the things with @rageroni in Seattle.
7 for 9
Squat - 523
Bench - 380
Deadlift - 529
Total - 1430


Sunday 10/14 -
Pause Deadlifts
1 Board Press (Not Shown)

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