‪It NEVER fails if I get out my 1989 Nesting Box and take my pictures out of it and sit it down, Coco IS GOING TO GET IN IT, SHE L❤️VES IT SO MUCH that she’ll sleep in it❣️She is in it now & SHE WON’T MOVE and then she GIVES ME THAT LEAVE ME ALONE LOOK ❣️😹😻 @taylorswift ‪‬ #taylorswift #taylornation #beautiful #pets #nyc #hair #adorable #pet #swiftie #style #pretty #nashville #newyork #gorgeous #makeup #lipstick #stunning #fashion #scottishfold #beautiful #amazing #cats #memories #reputation #kitty #catsofinstagram #1989 #cats #taylorswiftnow #delicate #reputationstadiumtour

a song that deserves more ❤️

I cannot believe she played haunted I wish I could’ve seen that live

We love a hair flipping queen


I hate the Instagram sponsored ads soooo much

I can’t wait for this omg


Every time someone posts a aerial view of the stage I always count to see how close my row will be to the barricades where she walks through does anyone know the approximate row?

I love seeing everyone’s costumes and pictures looking so happy it makes me happy

It makes me sad that the paparazzi took those photos tho I wish they would leave her alone

I’ve lost a lot of followers going more personal should I just go back to posting HQ?

Guys I have no idea what outfit I should wear for my tour comment some suggestions!!

I love this so much

Happy 4th everyone!! How cool would it be if Taylor invited fans to her 4th of July parties that would be so fun

Have you guys told your friends about your fan account?

So I’ve decided to make this a more personal and taylor account so I thought I should start of with a face reveal and a couple facts about me so I’m Savannah, I’m 17, I’m from Missouri, I’ve had this account for about 4 years now, my favorite taylor songs from each album are a place in this world/forever and always/enchanted/all too well/ayhtdws/idsm, I’ve been a swiftie since I was 5, Taylor’s debut album was the first album I ever got, I’ve been to fearless, 1989, and reputation tour in September, and my username is inspired by sad beautiful tragic!! Hope you are cool with this lol

goodnight!!! i’m currently listening to my “omw falling asleep while listening to Taylor’s angelic voice” playlist ⭐️⭐️⭐️


the tears in her eyes 911 hello

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