Finally feeling better and just in time for girls night 😍

Yes I'm always smiling,; I've been nickname #smiles for years, but today this smile is BIGGER. .
This sheath dress has been in my closet for 3 years (it NEVER fit) until today ☆☆☆BOOM☆☆☆
For 10 months I've stayed consistent with my fitness and health goals...
Have I eaten things I shouldn't?... sure did, but I didn't let those moments define me or bring me down. .
We are our own worst critics>> shaming ourselves for the littlest things<< The best thing to do is tell yourself "You are amazing!" >> no matter where you are in life JUST say it, and BELIEVE in those words every day!
This isn't a Cinderella story, but my dress is definitely the "glass slipper" to fit the amazing feeling I have today and EVERY day moving forward.

If you just stumbled on my page... HI😀

My name is Leah, I'm a super creative lady. When it comes down to my career I'm a full time hairstylist. I'm also very passionate about health and fitness and therefore I coach online part time >> though I work on myself everyday! I live right outside Philly #eaglesnation
My husband and I have been together for almost 17 years and we will married for 8 of those in May! We have 2 children Nate (almost 17) and Lyss (11) we have 3 cats and a spunky 6 month old rescue puppy!
We both are very passionate about our careers of being entrepreneurs in our own businesses. .
A bit about me~
I personally LOVE meeting new people and ultimately becoming friends for life. I love traveling and 1 day I'll get to Paris 🎡 ! .
When I was younger I was SO shy 🙈🙊🙉
That my parents put me in a "self esteem" class! True story!! Honestly I was just bored and didn't care for what was going on around me, and I didn't like the attention brought on to me>>> boy am I a completely different person now<<< haha! .
Every day I talk to people bc that's what outgoing people do> but seriously, I talk to people daily asking them about their likes, dislikes, what's going on, what's new, where ya headed... all these questions get me 1 step closer to understanding you. Trust me > bc that shyness is still there < it is uncomfortable but once I break the ice .... ALL that worrying goes away. .
I find myself always dreaming about repainting a room, or writing to get something off my mind and other times you'll find me in my craft studio spending hours making something special. I love reading books on personal development, and I've recently found myself dabbling into learning more about gem stones and their properties! Very interesting stuff!

Good morning!!! Burnt toast and coffee time... Shout out to all of our SavageChic ladies with #prettyeyes #tattoos and #thickthighs 😊😊😊 | #goodmorning #prettyeyesthickthighs #prettyeyestattoosandthickthighs #tattoosprettyeyesthickthighs #coffeetime #saturdayvibes

Oh the dreaded push ups.... Seriously I've always hated doing them!
I always said "I have no upper body strength!" True story>>> remember in gym class doing pullups 🤨..... Haha NOT ME!! I'd look at my gym teacher Mrs. R, and she'd say "ok look.... give me just 1 and that's it!" 😫 .... that day I tried. I barely even bent my elbows. So I improvised I grabbed a box, jumped up, held on for dear life and still didn't make a full pull up. Oh well I tried🤷‍♀️ Mrs. R still passed me with a "SATISFACTORY" .... Though I wasn't satisfied 😐

It's taken a VERY long time for me to see that with practicing every day, week and month I'm getting #strongerthenever
Before! Sure it's not perfect but nobody is.
I'm proud of how far I've come to find me hauling all this ass to do moves that I would otherwise say "NOPE not for me!'
I can and I will because mentally I know I can do this.

I may have taken way too many selfies 🤣😜 had to capture the rare moment my hair AND makeup were done 😝 so 🖕🏻sue me
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