Seriously can’t believe I’ll have a three year old come Saturday. 😭🖤

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#WCW 😍 Caution 👉🏻 bragging ahead 🤷🏻‍♀️ this badass has been with me for over 6 months now and she kept to the meal plan and finished her program strong while LIVING IN A HOTEL ROOM IN THE MIDDLE OF PCS-ING 🤯 seriously that just blew ALL your excuses out of the water 👏🏻 She had over a week left of the program and she was DETERMINED to finish regardless of her circumstances because she was doing this FOR HER and it was the one thing she had control over 🙌🏻 for those of you who have never experienced a military move, it is the most frustrating, stressful, annoying process ever: you have complete strangers come in your house and pack up your things, take everything away on a truck with no certain date as to when/IF you get everything back ((in tact)), live in a hotel for weeks, move to a new ((most of the time)) city, try to find a new home quickly, then wait for your stuff to be delivered .... all usually without family there for help/support 😱 she was going through all that DURING a hurricane warning when almost the whole island shut down WITH a toddler and a dog 😵 BUT SHE STAYED ON TRACK!! She went to a friends house to meal prep and streamed her workouts online in the gym 🤜🏻🤛🏻🤩😭 seriously SUCH a proud coach!! That takes some SERIOUS determination and will-power and she is such an inspiration to me 😘 So lucky to have you babe 👯‍♀️

I'm almost 32wks and this is a photo of us on the day we found out we were gonna parents. I can't wait to meet our lil grunt 😍🤰🌹
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Those dance classes have been paying off.

Yesterday we went to view the birthing suite! We loved the facilities and got super good vibes. The nurse kept calling @pullingageographic “dad” which was weirding him out but other than that, I almost cried like 5X thinking about that day! We both can’t wait!!!!! 😩 I’m so emotional lately. I cried at the thought of leaving my husband for two days this weekend. Ha! 🙈#hormones

They are very “new age” and with all the latest trends mentioned which made me feel super at ease. One of my doctors was also on the board and had been there delivering that day! I took that as a good omen. 🤰🏼 Then we went and did our first of many maternity shoots on the beach. Thank you for all the love on that spread! Can’t wait to do more. I love that I don’t have to hire anyone and I get to have these special moments with my husband. 🙏🏼💕 We do plan to set up a tripod for a few and maybe hire someone for a couples shoot. Not so much into boudoir even though everyone thinks I’d be. 😂 #firsttimeparents

Before the magic happens on the stage.... Behind the scenes, magicians plot a score. They conceal rabbits in hats, and cards up sleeves. The dust glitter on their face, and suspense in the air. Set fire to the stage, and prepare to dance freely in the flames. They prepare, and stress, and sweat covers them. And they do it all for you.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to get a group picture of us during the show... But this is better. This isn't stage make up. This isn't fancy clothes. This is raw and uncut. Real and over tired.
This is 4 friends. Two artists, and their supporters. @naylan_alvarez @beardsandbabes_official so proud of you guys for another awesome successful show. Can't wait for the next one.... You know I'll be there. Both raw and uncut, and in stage make up.

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I met a fabulous family yesterday and their sweet new baby boy, Fox! @zhaghzhagh @jimmyjenkins • Dad’s also a super talented artist - go check him out! @thedraftsmandraws

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Fell asleep watching lion king ❤
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