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I am so incredibly proud of @oliviaadodd and all she's accomplished with this amazing horse. She got Flynn 120 days ago and competed him in their first Mustang Makeover - just barely finishing out of the top ten (which is a HUGE accomplishment in itself). Amongst everything she and her family are going through, she "cowgirled-up" and took Flynn to Kentucky to compete in honor of brother, Daniel. The highlight of the weekend was Olivia getting the winning bid on Flynn at the auction and being able to bring him home. I am so proud of her courage and tenacity in this tough time. I am also thankful for the wonderful, Godly people she has in her life to help her and her family through. Please continue to pray for peace for Olivia and her family. Love you always ❀️ #tamethestangfordaniel #tamethestang2017 #thestangistame

Flynn picked his favorite bidder number for the auction tonight πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ Yes, I decided to bid and try to bring him home!
#TameTheStangForDaniel .
#tamethestang2017 #kentuckyextrememustangmakeover #extrememustangmakeover2017 #kentuckyhorsepark

Stay tuned: Trail has started and we're slowly getting ready- 30th in the order! #TameTheStangForDaniel
#tamethestang2017 #extrememustangmakeover2017 #kentuckyextrememustangmakeover #kentuckyhorsepark

Ok I admit...he might be a little bit spoiled πŸ™„πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ž pretty sure once he saw the camera on him though he kicked it up a notch just to show off lol #spoiledmustang
#TameTheStangForDaniel .
#tamethestang2017 #kentuckyhorsepark #kentuckyextrememustangmakeover #extrememustangmakeover2017

Seeing double!! I'd kill for DNA confirmation, but we're pretty sure this is Flynn's little brother, Magnificent 7! Gathered same place, same time, one year younger, Flynn's brand is 4056, and this boy is 4055! And they instantly seemed to know each other ❀️ #mustangbrothers
#TameTheStangForDaniel .
#tamethestang2017 #kentuckyextrememustangmakeover #kentuckyhorsepark #extrememustangmakeover2017

Excuse Flynn's grumpy face, he hates it when I interrupt his dinnertime πŸ˜‚ but we made it and he's all settled in! More stall decorations to come but Come visit us at our stall in the barns by the Alltech arena!
#TameTheStangForDaniel .
#tamethestang2017 #kentuckyextrememustangmakeover #kentuckyhorsepark

HUGE thanks to both my barn families for all heir help and support right now in helping with arrangements to get Flynn to KY and keeping him working while I'm in Florida with my family right now. @hayleyfmiller @bg_grimes @pinnaclestables1 and everyone else that I know I'm forgetting to tag!

6/21, Day 98-
Flynn's second time jumping and first time jumping bareback! Such a champ ❣️And in case anyone notices, yes the palomino outside the ring decided to poke its head under the fence and partially over our jump when we went over it (right at 0:04)πŸ˜‚ #TameTheStangForDaniel
#tamethestang2017 #jumpingmustang #barebackjumping

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