Come to the Library Quad and Treat Yourself ! Val’s will be out here Servín up the Cold ones till 2:00 today 🍦🍧
#unoeats #vals #foodtrucks #summertime #tys

Unexpected click by bae😅

Người đẹp này cũng đang sử dụng kem face tys đỏ cao cấp nha mấy nàng 😘
Chất kem thấm mịn dưỡng ẩm da siêu tốt luôn ạ ‼️ Linh cũng đang sử dụng và không chỉ riêng Linh mà mẹ Linh , dì Linh , em gái Linh và người thân củaLinh cũng đang sử dụng #FACETYS nhờ #TYS mà da dẻ trắng lên rất nhiều nhe ạ ❤️ 🚨 #Thấm #Thơm #Xịn #Mịn ‼️ ‼️ #KEMFACETYSĐỎCAOCẤP #4IN1 ✅ Hộp nhỏ : 220k ✅ Hộp lớn : 420k

Cool...😎 😎 😎

Think local first + Buy local when you can = Being a local!
For every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $73 remains in the local economy, and $27 leaves the local economy! #shoplocal #realtyexecutivesrelocation #tys #localeconomy #supportyourcommunity

Link in Bio Free Big Ant Welcome to this [Interrogation] Mix Tape ... Watch who you do dirt with , Niggas get behind them gates and turn to a bitch , I only speak on shit I can relate to but let me #Tys BigAnt Free 🐜 ❗🎤💯

So it’s official i have a manager @isthatclue 🙏🏻 I haven’t had much to talk about aside from getting sober and trying to change in a positive way after my girl left me & I lost my son full time

well This dude has been one of the only solid supports over the last 10 months I’ve had.. first off the guy got me my job at JBHIFI which has been such an amazing change for me from my previous job.. then has DJ’d for me at shows and thanks to him and @theboymartian For putting my sets together out of love just to support me getting back into the scene, has also helped fund and organise my first official release which is due to be come out in the next two months ❤️ He is one of the few people with no agenda who has a pure heart and love for the music, who gives genuine support as a musician and a friend.. in an industry filled with big dreams and bigger egos this is so rare.. a truely humble person.. thanks for helping get a brother back in the game. Props to clue ❤️ 3 years off music I’m officially making a return for my most ambitious release yet... my next album “Problem Child” will be coming in 2019
Life feat @isthatclue & @connorjones.music Coming soon 🙏🏻 #clue #velvetsand #life #single #problemchild #tys #comeback #change

कमजोर है वह शक्स जो दोस्त न बना सके उससे भी कमजोर है वह शख्स जो बने हुए दोस्त को गँवा दे !!

Kicking off TYS Thursday with the goods. ☕️🥤🍪

#बचपन _से_ही_शौक_था #अछा_ इनसान_ बनणे_ का
#बचपन _खतम # _शौक_ खतम
#अब _जैसी_दुनिया_वैसे_हम✌🏻😎 .भर #चौकात👑 वाद 🔫
आणि 👉आपला #नाद👈
💪#चुकून💯पण करु 🎆नका👇
#Only Rada ✔

@sanchit_gabale_sanchu________ 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
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Smart and chic!!!This tartan dress is all you need for a casual or semi formal setting.Dress it up or down with a smart belt or chic accessory and you are ready to bounce all day!!!Any day!!
DM for details
#theyarnstory #tys #tartan #cotton #smart #chic #handcrafted #makeinindia #madewithpassion #ecochic #sustainableclothing #sustainablefashion #stayeverstylish

I’m taking the next 5 days off to hang with my dad! He has never been to Sarasota so I’m super excited to show him around.
In the meantime, reach for the stars(and/or cookies)! ✨🍪
See you next Wednesday. 💗

Playing for keeps Coming soon 🎥 @4tden #TYS

It’s TYS Thursday, which means Portuguese tarts will be arriving later today + food trucks from 5pm ☺️

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