#WCW This 🍯 was 🔥. Can't wait to see you on your next tour!! 😍 @kehlani

A Tsnmi Christmas with Kehlani & Friends at the Observatory North Park—which just so happened to be her first show in San Diego.
I went to a lot of shows this year; Kehlani was by far my favorite! She had me and LB singing allll zamn zaaaay!!! 😂 it was just hit after hit and non stop “oh 💩 this is my song!” Every time she’d sing the next track. Hahaha Ahh take me back.. #TBT

So when the idea of a simple book came along into my head I decided to put a list of things/ ppl who are supportive of me and of course I had to put my number 1 idol in this. Sometimes ppl don’t understand where inspiration stirs from and what helps a person. Yes my family is incredibly great to me but most of the time they don’t truly get what it’s like to be a creative and just looks at my “hobby” as just that a “hobby” but I want o change lives and @kehlani has always made me feel like I can strive to do better and be better. 🧡🌊⭐️ I hope y’all like the idea I’m coming out with and stay tuned #christsunami #kehlani #tsnmi #artistsoninstagram #illustration #ilustragram #artwork #artoftheday #tsunamichristmas #tsnmichristmas #sweetsexysavage

Where you at babygirl 😭😍💕❤️ @kehlani 😍😜thank you so much mami @hmiaz_ #baelani#kehlaniisbae#kehlani#tsnmichristmas#kehlaniconcert

Here’s a doodle I did at work lol this hair is so playful to me k love that kind of shit @kehlani ! So proud of I for the #tsnmichristmas run! I saw u in Oakland but apparently I purchased telegraph room which wasn’t meet n greet so I didn’t get to see u sis! But the show was dope 🔥 another year wrapped up! 💪 #kehlani #tsnmixmas #art #cartoon #workdoodle

This night was really one to remember I had so much fun sang my heart out lost my voice but it was all worth it id do it all over again if I had the chance. Literally the sweetest person I've ever met THIS BITCH SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN sorry if that's weird. She is so present when she performs *I'm mad cuz when I was recording honey that big head ass man got in my way* but anyways after all these years of me staning her I finally met her. I love you lani and ima love you when I'm old and crusty too. #kehlani #tsnmichristmas

Last night was lit from the opening acts til the end. So blessed to hear @kehlani sing live. Her lyrics speak to my soul. #tsnmichristmas

keaulani & friends saw kehlani & friends #tsnmichristmas #finalszn

only reposting this shot because I have a video from the moment it was taken, @kehlani thanks for another amazing night, the energy made me hella proud to be repping sd #tsnmichristmas

This is my queen! Girl can I take u out on a date lol @kehlani #tsnmichristmas

Thanks to the fam @itsdavidali @thakingmarteen @marteen and @p_lo for sliding through before #TSNMIchristmas with the young legend @kehlani in San Diego. The bay is shining right now... #Khelani #Tsnmi #iHeartSanDiego

Obviously she takes my breath away! Eternally grateful for you Lani🌻KEEP BRINGING OUT THAT CRZY ENERGY you spiritual goddess @kehlani // video by: @brittany_blockahh #hOnEy#tsnmichristmas 🌊🎄🍯✨

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