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Repost @elenicakess - #TRUTH . When they're like I loveeeeeee animals but this burger is so good. #Shift your perspective. While it's much more common to have a dog or cat as a pet rather than a cow, chicken or pig - each animal still has a consciousness. These animals FEEL. They feel love. They feel loss. They feel pain. Mother cows protect their baby calfs and feel an overwhelming sense of loss, anger, and frustration when their babies are pulled away from them to be inhumanely slaughtered for human consumption. 💔
If you cannot see that all animals are one in the same, that we physically do not need animal products to survive (..our society has just conditioned us to think this way, and make us think we crave these products when in actuality our cravings for meat are really signs of IRON and ZINC deficiency! 🌿Which GUESS WHAT - is found naturally occurring in plant life like spinach, cacao and pumpkin seeds #crueltyfree )
If you cannot understand the concept of animal consciousness then PLEASE consider the environmental effects factory farming has on our country. The amount of resources; water,💦 land, growth of GMO feed factory farming uses that is not sustainable for our future and the future of this planet. 🌎 With the changing times, we have to think about how our impact effects this world on a global scale. || Just ONE day on a plant based, vegan diet can save one animals life, 45lbs of grain, 1,100 gallons of water and 30 sq feet of forest land. Your choices matter. 🙏

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We have not seen anything like whats about to happen ever before! Don't think for one second these times of calmness/peace are going to last forever. God is long-suffering and very patient, but His Judgements are still coming and will hit very shortly to many nations. Now is the time to repent and seek Jesus like never before. Dont mistake his patience for his permission, just because God has not brought immediate judgment against sin and sinful nations doesn't mean its not coming! But his patience allows us time to repent!
As Noah got in the Ark before the flood, so should we get in our ark now➡Jesus by seeking him, repenting and placing our trust in him. God has given countless people dreams and visions of whats about to happen. Theres to much confirmation and too little time to ignore it, seek him and ask God daily to give you one if you are in doubt. Many People are sick of hearing we are in the last days, but please head the signs and warnings...soon they will stop. We need to use the little time we have to tell others about His love, warn them about the coming judgments and also to prepare for his coming.
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Ain't this so truuueee💯💯💯
Ladies, Can i get an Amen?

Kanye is right! Democrats just want votes and power thats all. Yeezy gets called crazy or a coon but he is speaking the truth! #learnsomething #pushback #jointherebellion #kanyewest #truth #democrats #plantationhouse #americafirst #politics #draintheswamp #maga


ME with every single person I meet everrrr. This is why I never text first lol. #truth #imridiculous

#Truth .. I am always the vocal one...

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