🌞 D A Z E... I read somewhere the meek shall inherit the Earth. I said I was going to be working all weekend...and boy did I but not at all on what I expected to be working on...#learninglife #healer #lovinhealer #13thgoddess #goddesslife #queenstatus #creatoroflife #buildinganation #highermaintenance #trusttheprocess #elevationrequiresseparation

All thanks go to @khloekardashian for this today as I just saw this on her stories and it gave me a little boost. Something I’ve noticed is that many of us are finding ourselves at a crossroads point... there are decisions to be made... leaps to be taken... changes to be addressed... and it can feel a bit overwhelming and wobbly. But here’s a reminder that you are loved, protected and supported and that you are resourceful and strong. You CAN trust yourself even if what’s coming feels uncertain. You WILL make the right call and this IS going to work out for you. Join me in a group hug today if you need it - I’m right there with you! Love Lucy xxx

. . . A butterfly was once an unattractive, small and hairy creature called a caterpillar. Often times when you see a caterpillar, the question that comes to mind is what is that? Once the caterpillar grows and becomes a butterfly, it becomes a beautiful flying insect. Before the butterfly turned into something so beautiful, it had to go through the stages of . . .
T R A N S F O R M A T I O N & G R O W T H. You may be in the stages of your life where you feel like a caterpillar, small, dark, unfamiliar with yourself, unknown, confused etc; but once you get past those growing pains and become the woman/man of God your Father called you to be you will become a beautiful beaitiful and soar. Trust the process and trust God's timing! 🦋


Today I am taking the day to unplug and recharge. Making the time to rest instead of feeling obligated to do all the things. .
#raiseyourvibration #spiritual #sunday #relax #selfcare #peace #chooseyourpath #selflove #goodvibes #crystalhealing #findbalance #trusttheprocess #soulfulsunday #teamshift #meditation #girlboss #bossbabe #innerpeace #bepresent #health #holistic

I just want him to look back at where he started from, to know that anything is possible when you put your full energy behind any effort. The best thing about receiving his first trophy is for the first time he wanted to watch the game tonight and asking questions on shooting form💯#firstyearcomplete #trusttheprocess #fallfoward #Acechronicles

Letting myself experience His reckless love has been very therapeutic. Can't wait to share more.. But in due time my people ✌ 📷 @pixel_pedlar

Self-care 💖
When you constantly put yourself last, everyone experiences you at your worst. But when you put yourself first, you honour the people you love by sharing the best you have to offer. .
TODAY is the day you decide to PUT YOURSELF FIRST. As women, were conditioned from a young age to only care for others, leaving us feel guilty when we pause to take care of ourselves. .
Let’s make that change. It’s time to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

This rainy weather has me wishin’ I was on vacay laughing with these babes again 🙌🏼👭👭 #L #sammiesweetheart #theskins

Meet my bff and new sister Salma.
She is one of my favourite success stories and the reason why I do what I do. I'd like to share the series of conversations we had before she began her journey. 📌On September 16: she first contacted me ".Hi Memtaaz 🙂, I'm very interested in learning what this is all about.
I'd like to schedule a phone call with you to get more info. I suffer from post concussive syndrome for over 3 yrs and am wondering/ hoping this could help🤷🏻‍♀️
Look forward to talking to you! 📌On October 29th she messaged me "Hi Mem, I think I'm ready to order but just wanted to speak with you before
Can you please call me? Thanks 📌On October 30th - "Hi sorry not feeling well. Terrible migraine and vertigo. I know it's your daughters bday. We can chat later in the week" 📌On October 31 - I do want to order the product and see the results
I'm not sure about the taste of the products that's what I wanted to know form you
Are they chalky?
I was wondering if it possible to order a variety to try and figure out which one I like
Thanks for your help 😉 📌On November 24th -
It's helped me health wise with my headaches and vertigo. I noticed when I didn't take it for 2 days.
I want to reach out to people that will get a better chance at life
I see a big difference in my health. My pain use to make me feel like just what's the point in living like this. So I want to help others. I want to be a promoter. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Not only have I gained a new business partner out of this deal, I've made another lifelong friendship.
Salma lives in Toronto and we share a lot of mutual FB friends. (Feel free to reach out to her if you'd like to hear more about her experience or need ketones)

I'm not sure how we connected but so glad we did. We had quite the adventure at Boca Raton and will be planning many more trips in th future.
Crazy!!! Best.Story.Ever. 💌

#trusttheprocess Throwback before the big injury gotta come back and work😈

😯Leute unser Summer Sale läuft immernoch und alle Teile der 2. Kollektion sind nur noch bis Donnerstag 5€ reduziert 😯
Alle Teile der 1. Kollektion bleiben weiterhin reduziert, da nur noch einige wenige Teile da sind also seid schnell 🚀
Es wird schon bald News von unserer Seite geben wie es weitergeht.. 😏
Keine Angst wir sind bereits die ganze Zeit fleißig am arbeiten 😁
Habt ihr die neue Single von dem Boy @booz__ schon gehört zusammen mit Greeny&Naru - Shawty will mit? Dann checkt unsere Spotify Playlist 🔥
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Clean Eating Broccoli Stem Soup Recipe
Broccoli stem soup is not only absolutely delicious, it’s also a very healthy soup that happens to be chocked full of nutrients your body needs. The best thing is you can make a larger recipe, or double wh .. #tips #progress #gainz #weightlossjourney #phillylove #organic #chunkymonkey #glutes #nutrition #goals #healthydinner #wholefoods #fitgirl #lol #healthylife #mywwjourney #lowcarb #fooddiary #justdoit #swfamilyuk #trusttheprocess #nopainnogain #losingweight #squat #lowfat #weightlosscoach #lunch

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