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Congratulations to Madison Gunter IV! We are so proud of Troop 100’s FIRST Eagle Scout! #BoyScouts #Troop100 #Piedmont #Oakland

I knew it was only a matter of time before I ran into a cookie pusher. But really, I couldn’t not get some. #project365 #girlscoutcookies #girlscouts #troop100 #thinmints #cookies #iusedtobeagirlscout #cookiepusher

#FlashbackFriday: Always an amazing time camping with #Troop100! (And some of the best Scoutmasters around!)

Petersburg Boy Scout Troop 100

never forget your roots #troop100 #eaglescout

This picture represents when OA was in its prime! This picture was taken at my #tapout not a #callout ceremony.Things were a lot different then! Times were different and people were different! Even though I didn't get a chance to make vigil I love the times that I had going through the great process! #orderofthearrow #ordealmember #brotherhoodmember #tapout #tbt #lovedit #boyscouts #eaglescout #cobrapatrol #troop100

One more summer, one more ranking! And David is officially taller than his momma 😭 #boyscouts #troop100 #secondclass #workingtowardeaglescout

Eagle Scout Court of Honor for our precious boy. At 14, he's three years younger than the average age to get Eagle rank, which only 4% of all Scouts achieve. This happened partially because of my husband's dedication and consistency.
He's going to continue to participate and keep earning Merit Badges, which will turn into Eagle Palms.
#courtofhonor #bsa #boyscoutsofamerica #richmondindiana #proudmom #lovehimsomuch #troop100 #wegroweagles

My favorite photo from last night's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. The sheer joy emanating from my son's face as he looks at his dad... it touches me to see how much they love each other. They have been on every single campout since joining Scouts, and I honestly think my husband may have gotten just as much benefit out of all the the experiences as my son! The only sad thing is thinking about how quickly he's growing up. Love him immeasurably and am so proud of him.
#eaglescout #courtofhonor #lovehimsomuch #bsa #boyscoutsofamerica #boyscouts #troop100 #wegroweagles #richmondindiana

R.O.I. (Return On Investment)
Our goal is the better making of men.
Needed a lift today - Walked in the school and got exactly that!
Congrats Mr. Gibbons!
#BuildAsWeClimb #Troop100

I first heard the term "at promise" years ago in a school where I was invited to speak. I was there through my #AtlantaSpeaks initiative and I told a teacher, "we want to speak to the at-risk students." She corrected me, "No sir, they are at-promise."
From that day forward I used the term, correcting others in academia and in my network when they made the same mistake.
It was great to experience the grand opening of the At Promise Center in English Avenue yesterday with our boys from #Troop100. The boys did a great job and I was proud to see it. As I listened to the remarks and toured the facility yesterday, I was reminded of my conversations with so many at-promise teens I've talked to, mentored, and been of counsel to. I was reminded of even my own narrative of a kid growing up, looking to take my shot--where all I, like them, just wanted was an opportunity. A reasonable chance to beat the statistics and the odds that were stacked up. The center is a great building, and my hope as the next city councilman of this area is to take this positive energy and ENSURE that it ripples to the next street over, and the street after that, and the street after that, and beyond. Ensuring that all people in #OURdistrict3 have an opportunity to succeed, in the spirit of urgency. Lets GET IT DONE, without delay. #CLAYfor3

As I sit here at Salem Middle School, helping my Godmama prepare her classroom for the upcoming school year, I received a notification from Instagram that said someone mentioned you in a comment. So I clicked on it, and it was a paragraph from my Scoutmaster about me. Thanks Scoutmaster Jay for writing this post about me. I will always give my time and energy to those who help me along the way. For the men, at BEST Academy and in Troop 100, each and everyday I walk in that building or see them, I see myself in them. People ask me all the time what made me apply for a job at BEST, my response to them was, I didn't apply to work for BEST, I am a volunteer at BEST Academy and I work for the AfterSchool program. I applied for that job because I wanted to make sure that each and every young man that walks in BEST gets the same opportunities I got while I was there. No I never seen myself working for a school I attended for 7 years (3 years in Middle School and 4 years in High School) but now I am here and never leaving (3 years as a Staff Member). #EagleNation #Scouting4Life #EagleScout #BestAcademy #Troop100 #AfterSchoolAllStars #PlantingSeeds #AssistantScoutmaster #SupportStaff

Great time camping out with the AWARD WINNING #Troop100 from BEST Academy this weekend! Proud of our scouts.

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WE DID IT!!!! Troop 100 is bringing home the hardware!!! HONOR TROOP AWARD - AND the - SCOUTING TRADITIONS AWARD!!! We have had an incredible week - so proud of these young men!! #EXPOSURE #WeAreTROOP100

Boy Scouts Troop 100! The only heat they felt today was from being totally awesome! Great job on all the ropes today fellas.
#boyscouts #odyssey #teamwork #teambuilding #leadership #thetvf #troop100

Great week at Woodruff scout camp with troop 100! #troop100 #SwatsScouts #swabsa #WeAreTroop100 #ScoutmasterLife

Troop 100 Mountain Men! Proud of these boys for putting the work this week to rank up! #troop100 #SwatsScouts #swabsa #boyscouts #mountainmen #wearetroop100

Seeing the excitement on a scouts face as they ride a horse for the first time makes everything worth it! #troop100 #SwatsScouts #swabsa #boyscouts #wearetroop100

Troop 100 spent the week learning how to become expert marksmen with bows and arrows! Nothing but bullseyes! #troop100 #Archery #woodruff #SwatsScouts #swabsa #boyscouts

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