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Varanda e espaço gourmet com muita madeira e verde para relaxar e receber os amigos 🍻🍃 #sundaymorning #triplexdecor

Nuevo Valparaíso - Loft con cochera

A few of our amazing agents at today’s Encinitas Holiday Street Fair !



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It's never too late to start working on yourself! A happy, healthy self!😀 Remember there is no magic pill that can make you all better or banish all the excess weight. No amount of elimination diets 🍕🍔🍟will be the key to your success, believe me I've tried them all! They all crash and fail in time. Can you honestly say that I will never again eat that (fill in the blank) ever again in my life!🛇 No, never!! 🍰🍨it just can't happen. That's why everything needs to be in moderation. Moderation and determination are your keys to success!!🤗✅✔
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No joke, I couldn't do life without these four products. If you're feeling tired, sluggish, just making it through, bloated, heavy, foggy, unhappy.....you just gotta trust me to try these products for 3 months!
3 months can totally change how you feel and live life. Over 1 year of taking these products every day and I SWEAR by them. ❤️ Even if you think you feel good, try these. I've heard from the healthiest of healthy, peppiest of peppy that they swear by these and feel even better! 🙌🏻 You have NO IDEA until you try!! It feels SO GOOD to FEEL GOOD!! 😍🤗
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A few of our amazing agents at today’s Encinitas Holiday Street Fair !

"What is the #Triplex combo?" Our Plexus Triplex combo has a high success rate with weight loss but that’s not why I take it, I take it because it is SO much more than a weight loss product. It can help with so many health issues that so many of us struggle with today. I highly recommend it to anyone that tells me that are ready to get healthier and feel better and if you are CONSISTENT (consistency is so important!) and trust the process... these 3 products can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! It has changed mine!! here's some reasons why: ✔️Probio5- rids bad bacteria and built up toxins in your intestinal tract/gut, while it rebuilds the new good bacteria that your body needs. Plus it's got probiotics, digestive enzymes and an antifungal; so it's like 3 products in one! ✔️Biocleanse- oxygenates your cells in your body and helps gently (yes, gently! It's not THAT type of cleanse!) flush the toxins out, all while helping your body with magnesium levels and restoring collagen. (Want healthy looking skin? This product will give your skin a natural lift and firmer feel!) ✔️Slim (aka "pink drink” - it does WAY more than support weight loss!)- helps keep your body's fats, cholesterol, and blood sugars in the normal range so that they don't continue to feed the bad bacteria. It also curbs sugar cravings and increases natural energy!🚫🍪
Google symptoms of poor gut health, blood sugar issues, constipation, weak immune system, skin problems, anxiety, etc. You’ll be amazed!

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Boost your immune system with one of the best probiotic supplements in the market. #probio5 #hollistic #plexus #triplex #plexusslim #immunesystem #healthygut #supplements #bestsupplements #indocrine

Off market deal! Off market Hollywood Triplex! Call me at 305-978-5988 if interested this will fly!
1710 sq feet with 13,244 sq ft lot

1-2/1 and 2-1/1s
Roof is only 4 years old

Needs rehabbed

2/1 is currently vacant - rents between $1200-1400+ in area
1/1s under rented for $710 and $735 m/m can go $900-1000+

New buyer can terminate leases within 60 days of close

Lot size allows to add on to make it 10-11 units if desired.*** Located minutes away from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino!

Use as an AIRBNB and make a Boat Load!! ***New Zoning Plans Coming to This Area of Hollywood for 2018. Don't Pass Up this Opportunity!

Listed $250,000.00. #miami #hollywood #offmarket #triplex #invest #investor #investment #caprate #reflip #cashmoney #deal #realestate #realtor #realtormiami #realtorlife #realtors #realtorslife #hotdeals #broward #homes #casas #inversion

#probio5 is part of the #triplex and is the best probiotic around! I've had several friends ask about Plexus Pro Bio 5 and why it's different. What makes ours the best probiotic on the planet? RESULTS!!
What do you think happens to refrigerated probiotics the SECOND they hit our 98 degree body? What are the chances that they're going to survive ALL the way through our stomach acid, intestines, and entire digestive system?
Pro Bio 5 doesn't JUST have different strains of bacteria -- every probiotic has that! What it DOES have that others don't is:
* 4 digestive enzymes to break down carbs, fats, and proteins
* an anti-fungal to kill the bad stuff
* a killer called Chitosanase which eats through the hard shell of the yeast
* GOOD yeast to replace the bad
* Vitamins to heal the gut
* Grape Seed extract, which is full of anti-oxidants, flavonoids, omegas, and Vitamin E
* micro-encapsulated strains so that they don't die as soon as they hit the stomach acid and they are still intact and working as they hit the large/small intestines which is why they don't have to be refrigerated. LOVE Pro Bio 5!! Its changed everything for me ❤

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