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降ってきたー⛄雨混じりの雪。とりあえず、かだんに仮設猫住宅作ってみたにゃ😽#雪の予報 #予定キャンセル#仮設猫住宅#庭猫#TNR

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#longpostalert🚨 I want to tell the story of how I started TNR, ft. Witch: a loving, toothless, black and red senior and one of the cats in my neighbor's colony of 7 (we've lost 8 since May 😢). Witch, Troll (rip), and Baby Girl were abandoned after their owner died so they moved in with my neighbor's cats and, over the years, became feral. Three years ago, I tamed Witch and got to know the many cats who lived there. After 6 months of taming and petting cats, changing water buckets and burying a countless amount of kittens all under 5 weeks; I became incredibly depressed from watching litter after litter of innocent kittens brought into a cruel, unforgiving world and all I could do was stand by and wait for them to die. Whether they were stillborn, died from heat, sickness, starvation, or had their heads, smaller than pingpong balls, crushed or eaten by the male cats, they always died before reaching 2 months. Witch was mostly sterile and hardly ever got pregnant. The other females were either pregnant, nursing or in heat, there was no "kitten season" in this yard. Every week was kitten season. I quit visiting my neighbor's cats because I felt so powerless and had no idea how to help them. Skip forward 2 years and I finally went back, this time determined not to watch the brutal cycle but to find a way to end it. So I searched online, begged every shelter I found in a 2 hour radius of my home to take the cats, they all refused. One shelter, All Breeds Rescue and Adoption in Daleville, agreed to take the 3 kittens in the colony and introduced me to FUR (Felines Under Rescue) a nonprofit TNR group an hour and an half away. So, (very*) long story short, on May 1st, Dumpling and Witch were spayed and became the first of many cats FUR and I have helped since then. That's most of the story of how I got into #tnr and it definitely has shown me the sad, dark truth of a world with trap, neuter, release and the horrors of pet abandonment. Next week I'll try to post a shorter story of the cats who live/lived in my neighbor's colony which is now a much happier place to live in.
#trapneuterreturn #theydontdeservetobeforgotten

That face you make when you wake up from a nap not knowing what time or day it is 😹 Happy belated Caturday! Theo is giving me major Sunday feels. Comment below with your best caption for his face! 😻(see outtakes in my story!) #catsofinstagram #fivcats #rescue #foster #adopt #adoptdontshop #fosterfailure #tnr

토리야.. 피고내?
😑😑😑2겹살이 킬포

#토리 #입양 #임보 #임시보호 #입양홍보

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