Taking in the surrounds... #larapintatrail

I was lucky enough to undertake the Larapinta Trail with my father and sister (thanks @wendylin19 for this pic). I wasn't working ... we were, together, celebrating a family birthday. But I came back from the experience and couldn't *not* write about it. Writing is what I do for work, but it's also how I process my world. This was such an uplifting experience; I wanted to put it into words. #writerslife
You can read the piece this month's @qantas_link magazine, or #linkinbio. ⠀

📍Hatley Castle
Built by the son of Robert Dunsmuir, this castle is now home to Royal Roads University, as well as Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Can you think of another movie you recognize Hatley from? #TravelTuesday
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the heart wants what it wants

They warned us not to chase waterfalls, but did TLC ever visit Croatia? 🇭🇷 💦 (Direct link in bio about Krka National Park👆🏼)

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world 🎶

Everyone tells me that she won’t remember these trips, but the bond we will create will last forever. Although it’s hard to travel with a baby, my daughter isn’t special, she’s a pain in the ass like any other kid and has her good days and bad days. Yes, some days are hard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having her by my side and watching her explore all these new places. I can’t wait to show her the world and watch her grow as a person from the experiences.

Can't miss an opportunity for a photo with a cute building and Savannah is FULL of them!⁣⁣
I'm currently editing the footage of an up close and personal goof off day with @ppierce29190 in the city and can't wait to share it with you. We went so far outside our comfort zone we even decided to sing/play uke for you in it. Yup, I'm nervous even writing that....⁣⁣
Then, we have a week of adventures planned, chasing down fall foliage with some new camera gear. I hope you're ready to come along for some silly, silly times, cuz we've got plenty in store.⁣⁣
Check the link in bio for my YouTube channel. I'm not very consistent with posting them yet (working on it, I promise) so you will definitely want to hit the bell to get notified when I do!)⁣⁣
Happy to have you all here following along on the vanlife/disc golf/comfort zone pushing path that I'm on. 💗⁣


Raise your hand if you'd definitely lock yourself in this little library all day ✋ #tlpicks courtesy of @lost.in.ldn

awesome shot from the legendary Maya Bay in the Koh Phi Phi / Phuket area of Thailand✨💎 credit: @missangievilla

Biosphere was designed by Buckminster Fuller for Expo ‘67 (Montreal’s World Fair). Bio-Dome is a 1996 Pauly Shore movie. Both are classic works of art, buuuuuuuddy!

Is that what selfies used to look like?

spotted in mykonos
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