On sale today @shirtpunch !! Believe it or not this was @therealstanlee favorite design of mine when he hired me to design some shirts :) also because of this design I met the talented @italiux and started doing @newyorkcomiccon I created this on a 2006 mac book pro in the back seat of a car during a very long drive to Chicago for a wedding with my GF at the time and now wife. Life is funny and so is this shirt ... so go buy it and support me your favorite artist ;) #tldr #coolstorybro #thesilversmurfer #mybigbreak #comicbookshirts ##marvel #parody #pun #cute #vintage #viral #supportartists #ripstanlee

Der Zeitdruck der Online-Leser wächst. ⏳ Die kommentierwillige Community reagiert. Natürliches Verhalten. 😂

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Psst... Overheard this morning: "Lucky draw, never kena. Security screening, always kena!" #TLDRSG #TLDR #Singapore #SG #SGNews #InstaSG #MRT #SGTrains #SgFights #Singaporean #SMRT #SMRTSingapore #SMRTTrains #MySingapore #ThisIsSingapore #IGSG #SGIG #SingaporeInsiders

Tiny but mighty. | Completed 2018.11.13

Did You Know: The current water agreement allows Singapore to draw up to 250 million gallons of raw water a day, at 3 sen per gallon. This 1962 water agreement expires in 2061.
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Motivation Monday: We are the sum of our experiences but the equation is not complete.
Our past is participatory in our identity but it does not define us.

I have been a librarian, a student, an archivist, a digital art restorer, a child care worker, a photographer, a surrogate parent, a bible camp coordinator, an atheist, a production assistant, a retail manager, a dog walker, a sister, a writer, and so much more. I have been skinny, fat, and busty. I have had difficult relationships with food and my body. I have had migraines and headaches my entire life, and dealt with body dismorphia, anxiety, shame, self hatred, and self love.
These things helped shape who I am today, and who I'll be tomorrow. But I am not stuck with any of these labels and it's up to me to keep moving forward and experiencing more to flesh out the rest of my being and become who I want to be. And maybe the me in 5 years will want to be something completely different to what current me wants to be. And that's okay.
I love myself through all these changes, and welcome the change that is yet to come. This body is serving me well, and no matter what the number on the scale, or the measurements of my arms and tummy, this body will continue to protect me as best it can. 📸: @chickaboodesigns

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I’m definitely pretty much now known at #theveganguyatwork so pretty much every day someone sees a plant based recipe or goes to a restaurant or eats something and they want to tell me all about it. Every once in a while, it will even level up to, “my friend/daughter/cousin/side piece/etc is vegan and we had this ______”. Even more rare is what happened today and that’s I made this yesterday, you should try it. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of eating anything I don’t see made with my own 👀’s unless I can sue the pants off them if I get sick, but I always try and entertain the idea when people go out of their way to get on the plant based tip. I wasn’t expecting this to be good, but it was. I’ve got a coworker with a vegan relative and they had this concoction recently and she saved me a corner. There’s a lot going on and it’s really a side dish rather than a main, but I dig it. It’s got quinoa peas tomato pecans chickpeas mint etc. I could easily crush a side of this with a big ass portobello and some salad. Or some tofu. And I would throw some avocado in this bih too. Gonna get the recipe. Thanks friend.
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I dont usually post personal stuff on social media but I've been going through it lately and so I wanna share the photos I took today with an update •
When I saw Joneh last weekend his arthritis was giving him debilitating pain and he could hardly even get up to greet me when I arrived home, which is completely unlike him. He was suffering and depressed and it brought me unbelievable grief to see him in such a state. It's not abnormal to see a 10-12 year old golden retriever experience joint problems, but my heart's been aching the past week after seeing this sweet little angel hurting and unable to do the things he loves. My family decided to put him back on medication, which my mom had initially decided to stop since it has negative side effects on his kidney and liver. However, after starting it back up Joneh is like a brand new doggo and is back to being the amazing bundle of joy and energy that we all know and love! It had been a while since we had last seen him run around as much as he did today, and strangers repeatedly kept asking how young our little pupperoni was. The question is whether it's worth it to potentially shorten one's life span if it means improving one's quality of life. I'm leaning toward yes, but what I know with absolute certainty is that I'm still smiling ear to ear after chasing this happy little booper bops up and down the beach into the water, after fearing I may not ever be able to again ❤ #tldr #jonehgram

This book feels less like satire and more like reality every time I read it. | Completed 2018.11.12

I started this when it was on the Booker long list last year, and finished it a couple of weeks ago. Mostly that is because it is LONG - 800 pages!!! I’m very glad it never got further than the shortlist, because I found it fairly unmoving - the writing was flowing and readable, and I’ll try a shorter Auster at some point - and I just didn’t get it. The thing is, it isn’t one book but four in one, split into chapters 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.2, etc. And the four sections correlate to the four imagined lives of one character, Ferguson - a kind of overly complex, less interesting Sliding Doors. I don’t want to waste more time writing about this than I did reading it, but honestly, I spent the whole time sporadically dipping in and out of it wondering when it would improve. The four lives weren’t actually that different - he was a writer in all of them, he mostly had the same friends and family relationships, he didn’t go to Vietnam in any of them (which might have been interesting) and (spoiler alert) the most interesting versions of him were the ones who were killed off first. I didn’t hate the way Auster used his novel to chronicle important historical events (save Vietnam, which it almost felt like he was actively avoiding, oddly) but it also felt like a very overt demonstration of his own views - like, we get it, you’re not racist (but also maybe don’t just write about Civil Rights events just to show that fact off?) but must you harp on about that four times in a row, ad nauseam? (Ad nauseam might have been a better title for this book, actually. Wow, I’m hilarious. And apparently really didn’t like the time this book took from me.) I do have one tiny positive. About halfway through the novel, one of the four Fergusons writes a short story about a pair of shoes, and it’s by far and away the best bit of the novel. So you should probably go to the bookshop, find the ten pages of that story, and either read it without buying the whole actual doorstop, or tear the pages out for later. #books #bookstagram #instabook #bookreview #salty #paulauster #4321 #bibliophile #toolongdontread #tldr #manbookerprize #bleurgh

This painting is curious. I read it as an exercise in considering #support & #surface. I less like its image and value it more as a reminder as to how, or why to alternatively think about an approach to the process of constructing a work. It does squarely fall into the painting category, but upon inspection of the details I value its faithful charge into territories of painterly objecthood. Objecthood; don’t know if that’s a word and I don’t care either. Also, I feel it’s kinda #pedological like a slide in a lecture on how to make a #painting without a brush; an exercise I always find to be useful & fun. I’m reminded of a series of paintings I made with Golden MSA matte varnish and polyethylene bags on stretched yellow tarp. #AbuDhabiArtFair2018 #AbuDhabi #ArtFair #gallerylife #DeepThoughts #TLDR

Really struggling to stay motivated lately. School, work, fire crew applications, exercise, and being a human have just been a lil too much for this corndog.
Stoked for next week, living in the print lab and hopefully finishing two prints (one reduction self portrait, one engraving of who knows what).
But yeah, be nice to people, being a seasonal poop is real and real dumb. Also I don't know anyone who wasn't just entirely emotionally fucked up throughout 2018 so let's hope shit gets just a little less tumultuous here soon.

#Vigilantes is a unique mix of #Xcom and #jaggedalliance. Check out our quick 1 minute video #TLDR review and then head on over to oir website to read the detailed #noobreview. #followthenoob #gaming #gaminggram #PC #INDIE #videogames #pcgaming #PCMR #videoreview

I havent been posting much of these but today is a breakthrough. Finally I see the number 4. I know is technically 305 but still, great step for me. Thats 8 pounds since last time and 26 lbs since I started. Still on track for 200land by Thanksgiving. I'm eating better, being more active but I dont wanna call it diet. Just healthier lifestyle. If I want pizza, I'll have pizza. If I want sushi, I'll have sushi. I just try to keep bad foods to a minimum, eat a lot of homemade meals and be active. Obviously there are people who need to get a certain % of weight down due health reasons or goals but Im relatively healthy and trying to make this a sustainable lifestyle. 💪👏👏🔥🔥👀 #longpost #tldr #Weightloss #weightlossjourney #obesetobeast #fattofit #weightlossfoods #chocobosquats #dieta #JourneyTo200s #200land #fitnessjourney #MoretoGo #bajardepeso #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #beyondtheweak #fattofitjourney #Boricuafit

ในที่สุดดดดด 🎉🎉🎉 สำเร็จแล้วววว ได้มาครบเซ็ท 3 แท่ง ไปตามหาที่ มูลเลอร์ หาๆ เหลืออยู่แท่งเดียว เดียวดาย 😂 ที่มูลเลอร์ ราคาจะแรงกว่า ดัสลาส แต่เราก็ยอม เพราะ อยากได้จริงๆ ตายตาหลับแล้ว สาวกลังโคม 😂😂😂 #ฐานะอย่างเรา #โครงการสะใภ้ต่างแดนร่วมทำความดี #Madamgermany #DewnySveny #ทีมเยอรมัน #สะใภ้เยอรมัน #เขยไทย #ChonladabadiSvenFOREVERANDEVER #germany #thailand #husbandGermany #wifeThailand #ladyboy #loveislove #lovewins #thaigerman #LoveovertheHorizon #TrueLove #StrongLove #love #Destiny #LatMeTalkByDewny #TLDR #TWLS #TLF
หากผิดพลาดต้องขออภัยมา ณ ที่นี่ด้วย สามารถแนะนำและมีคำถามเพิ่มเติมทิ้งไว้ใต้โพสนะค่ะ 😙😙😙 *ภาพและบทความที่โพส มีลิขสิทธิ์ ไม่อนุญาติให้ คัดลอก ดัดแปลง แต่สามารถแชร์โพสนั้นๆได้ หากพบเห็นใคร คัดลอก ดัดแปลง จะดำเนิดคดีให้ถึงที่สุด

ติดตามดิวเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ เพจ let me talk by dewny
เพจ ครัวเทยถึก
อินสตาแกรม chonladabadi

ขอขอบพระคุณทุกการติดตาม ทุกโพส ทุกท่านนะค่ะ 😙😙

Back with pt. 2! #TLDR diet culture is tOxiC and unproductive (in terms of actual sustained and healthy weight loss - it is very productive if the goal is promoting anxiety and shame around food and making life feel dry). Again, check out @isabelfoxenduke and @virgietovar for smart writing on why diet culture is harmful. .
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