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THE BURGER KING (and fans) :P #theburgerking

It'll probably take another day or so to fully recover from the weekend but celebrating the birthdays of two awesome people in @davemagstadt and @em_loug was well worth it. #djdavé #blackandgoldparty #birthday4acause #theburgerking

After a 24 day 24 show Europe tour followed by 60 hours of Prep and work for the Glass City Burger Battle I'm happy to have won both awards, judges and people's choice for @barrs_public_house couldn't have done it without my BPH team @jefferyfoor @stephsold @kayciabayari shout outs to all the other restaurants that sweated it out in the hot sun for 2 days, it was a great weekend. I can now say I am the Burger King. #culinaryassassin #barrspublichouse #smashtoledo #TheBurgerKing

Landed in Indianapolis and the first order of business is a burger. The homie @_paren took me to a spot called The Workingman's Friend which is an old school spot that serves nothing but burgers. Simple and plain, this double cheeseburger was the perfect landing lunch. The burger is smashed and crispy with a simple bun, cheese, onions and shredded lettuce. #BurgerConnoisseur #BurgerBros #SkemeRichards #TheBurgerKing #TheDrop A Conversation Over Beef.

@trekraften made from-scratch Mexi burgers and I'm (figuratively) dying over here. #OMG #Theburgerking #veganburgers #whatveganseat

Twenty-nine and feelin' fine. #TheBurgerKing 🍔🍷🎈


Throwback to when I was crowned #theburgerking

ⓗⓑⓓ to the man who has taught me so much about life, family, and most importantly good bourbon. I can't thank you enough for everything you do, pops! I love you, goober ❤️💩

A character design I did a few weeks ago, I wanted to give him Life because I loved it, soooo, coloring in process !! 😀👌🏻 #art #characterdesign #burger #digitalart #theburgerking #wip

Props to @fatnicemc on the recommendation of eating at Fred's Meat & Bread @fredsmeatbread here in Atlanta. The burger was everything you raved about and more amd you know just how much of a burger snob I am! Plus the selection of local sodas was proper 👊. #SkemeRichards #TheNostalgiaKing #BurgerBros #TheBurgerKing #TheDropNK #BurgerConnoisseur

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