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TG4M // London 2017 💎 #zaralarsson #TG4M

I wanted my first tattoo to be something very personal and with a special meaning to me.
This is a Malin, a Swedish twisted arrow that means you have to face setbacks to be able to go forward.
I decided to put inside this symbol a title of a song, cause I do love music and it’s something I can not live without. I’ve been in love with TG4M since the first time I listened to it. TG4M (Too Good 4 Me) is a @zaralarsson song about relationship’s behaviours I’ve also been through, and more generally about underestimating themselves, being ambitious or wanting something you think you can’t have at the same time.
“You’re too good for me,
but I want you anyway.
And I know I don’t fit in,
but I want you anyway.”
It’s a message for myself: when life gives you problems and bad situations, take them as a chance to grow and be stronger. And if you really want something, you’ll have it. 🖤

😍😍😍 #zaralarsson #TG4M

All these pictures mean something. Each one represents a great time for me in 2018. Everything from being a vendor at my first event posting pictures that weren’t even that good and people taking a chance on me and for y’all to see be there every step of me becoming better and having my brand up and running is crazy. The radio shows and everything for my organization is so mind blowing, I never even thought of doing things like this and now I’m always trying to help and network with anyone. I’m not in competition, I’m just trying to level up and become great, hopefully y’all are up there with me as we all do things we love. It’s so many young people around here doing great with music, entrepreneurship and more. The mentors around here are influential in so many ways. I’m 19 and I have no signs of slowing down.Detroit has it all and we just getting started. The music, oh man the music. From NAPS, the diss tracks, the terrible rap songs, the diss songs to girls and all to now. I’ve dropped 3 projects and each one was better but the support for music this year from y’all has been crazy especially with the visuals and snippets. I have so much more in store. The parties y’all came to this year will never stop lmao. Me and my boys gone keep having fun with y’all. I know y’all see me down on social media and stuff but I’m not always like that I just get exhausted and y’all support helps me. For everyone who supported me from the diss tracks, bad music, photography, brands and everything I’ve done I just wanna thank you. If we on bad terms, not talking, me being selfish, non caring, my loyalty towards you and all ruined our friendships and relationships I apologize, I got love y’all for everyone who’s been around at some point throughout this journey. Y’all mean so much to me. I know this is long, you don’t have to read it. It’s just a big thank you to all of you. I’m blessed and grateful for everything. #TG4M #SNS #RGSZN #YESORG #REPTHEX #YSS #NSW

Luahan hati insan yang baru melangkah ke alam trading.

Jumpa nanti pada 21 Okt 2018
Tempah tempat korang di sini.


jays lose, cubbies lost💔😿...me? I win. grand evening with some grand souls. #tG4m 🙌🏾🌎☀️♥️

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