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“Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.” -Karen Gibbs 📷: @maddy_kelchlin University of New Hampshire, taken on the Queenstown Excursion and Orientation before starting her semester in Auckland, New Zealand #TEANabroad

Cute guys at the Coca-Cola bar #teanabroad

Winter Olympics Coca-Cola style! #teanabroad

Polar bear group pic! #teanabroad

Coca-Cola bottle bobsled! #teanabroad

Giant Coca-Cola vending machine exhibit #teanabroad

We went to the giant Coca-Cola vending machine exhibit that is up for the Olympics. I even got a bottle with my name in korean engraved on it! 알렉산드라 (Alexandra) #teanabroad

Saw the One Piece Cafe in Hongdae #teanabroad

Today! First day completely on our own. Started off in myeongdong where we went to the FNC cafe where I had chocolate and cherries N.Flying cake :) #teanabroad

Food!! (And move in day) Top left: lunch-jjimdak (chicken dish). Top right and bottom left: dinner-pizza and cider (found some in Korea!). Bottom right: late night snack-custard fish made fresh by ‘the fish man’ an elderly man with a street cart- basically waffle type batter filled with custard. #teanabroad

The rainforest stole a piece of my heart 🦎💚

After leaving the DMZ, we went to a restaurant run by North Korean defectors where we tried some traditional North Korean dishes. The top left picture is the flat screen tv in the bus we took, and there was also a complete sound board and turn table :D #teanabroad

NZ, you're a dream #teanabroad

Our last stop was Dorasan station which is a the last stop before North Korea. Before 2008 this line was used to move cargo between north and South Korea. The peoples hope is that once reunification comes to be, Koreans will be able to travel from Seoul to Europe. #teanabroad

These pictures are the views of North Korea from Dorasan view point, right up against the DMZ southern limit line. North Korea is only 4km away, across the river. Standing on the viewing platform looking out at the most hated and closed off country was a humbling and unbelievable #teanabroad

Our first stop inside the CCZ, was the third infiltration tunnel. We passed through the security checkpoint with our passports and made our way to the third infiltration tunnel where we hiked 73m down below the surface to see actual tunnel. To walk along the tunnel I had to crouch and bend over to avoid hitting my head on the roof. #teanabroad

The ocean cures all bad moods #teanabroad

New places, new friends #teanabroad

“Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind” -Marty Rubin 📷: @cat.regan University of New Hampshire who is studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand this semester #TEANabroad

It’s absolutely gorgeous and green here, but...I guess that’s not really evident because I chose a black and white filter PC: Emily #queenstowngardens #sittinonabridge #staringintothedistance #therosegardenlookslikeasunset #teanabroad #thepeopleherearecool

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