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Happy Friday, #Scorpios! ♏️❤️✨ I'm at @libfestival giving #astrologyreadings all wknd! If you're here too, stop by, I'd love to meet you! 😊
Next stop on my tour is NYC! Tickets will be released this wknd so stay tuned! 🔮 #ScorpioMystique #DosseVia #SummerTour #LIB #LIBFestival #NewMoon #LightningInABottle #Astrology #Healer #TeamScorpio 🦂

I don't know about my hair being on fleek, but I do want my locs to grow faster 🤣😂
My wife's a #capricorn so I know that's true lol 💯
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Being fluid comes easy to 🌊Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, but for many of us, change is something we fear! Allowing yourself room to explore will only serve to broaden your horizons and expand upon your personality. Geminis are the masters of this, and we can still harness the energy of the New Gemini Moon to help us become more open minded and travel off the beaten path. Are there unfulfilled interests you’ve put off exploring? Are you hiding a part of your personality in fear of rejection? Now is not the time! 🌑 The New Moon encourages us to follow our curiosity with confidence! And with the three day weekend coming up you have plenty of time to get a head start on your new project! Give yourself the freedom to choose you! 🌟

Seriously just being grateful and reflective of things happening has me on cloud 999999. I'm appreciating the love I've given myself and starting to share that love to the people around me again. Life is a blessing itself, waking up is a gift people really don't treasure as much as they should. #catchit #Repost @scorpiomystique
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A Scorpio has perfected the art of being dark and misterious while being cute and goofy.
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