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police car lighting

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“People can either inspire you, or drain you. Choose wisely.”

Me and Emily were in Little Tokyo when we saw the wishing tree 🎋 and thought it would be fun to write down our wishes hoping they come true. Finding a job, owning a pet, meeting my soulmate, pretty typical things you would write down. But reflecting back on that moment I should have written down something else.

2017 last year my trip to 高雄感覺超級 weird 應為去旅遊期待的應該是 lots of fun and excitement 可是覺得高雄只能 offer 很慢的生活

When I visited 夢時代購物中心 with my friend, we decided check out the amusement park on the roof of the mall. I’ve always loved ferris wheels, not sure why. Perhaps it’s due to society’s romanticization of journeys and destinations that are isolated from others. It was called the 高雄之眼 and as it slowly made its way up, quiet contemplation made me appreciate how far removed I was from the menial and bothersome responsibilities of life.
If I could rewrite my wish it would be to grasp this fleeting happiness

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