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Someone asked me what made me become a teacher. Well, back in high school my principal told my parents that I should be kicked out and graduate from continuation school. Little did they know that I’d graduate from high school and go off and even get a masters from Harvard. Honestly, I never considered myself smart. For some reason, I was never taught to read and write essays. It wasn’t until continuation school I even read my first book.

High School was all about hiding behind my earphones, listening to music and analyzing the lyrics and the world. I hibernated and lived in my black book, creating my alternative worlds, which were the only spaces that fully flourished me. My parents were always telling me that I’m intelligent, and it wasn’t until I got my masters that I started to see my brain 🧠 for what it is. I started to see that all the critical thinking I did through music and black booking sharpened my intelligence.

I’m thankful for art, but a human being would’ve been nice too.... I teach to be a reminder to our future that they already have it all to succeed. I LEARNED TO TEAD FROM GZA AND EMBRACED LIFE THROUGH PASTELS AND POLAROIDS - THERES MANY WAYS TO LEARN. I know I’m here to bring that to the classroom. SCHOOLS SHOULD NOT ACT LIKE A CORPORATION, but a growing family that loves, adjusts, and accepts. I know right now our schools look like IBM in the 90s (haha), hence, I stay in the profession to open up these possible worlds to our kids to experience and bring into our future. 🎈

I L.O.V.E. Holly's counting collections. Such a genius (and colorful!) way to teach number sense. Head over to @researchandplay for more teaching inspiration! #teachershoutoutsaturday

Fyi! Early voting ends March 2 and Election Day is March 6.
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same my science teacher does this a lot and then gets all triggered
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That owl could tell some stories 😳

#Trump bright idea. Arm #Teachers but can't afford the basic necessities so they can teach the #Children SMH.

WARNING: I do not own this drawing. This is my teacher’s drawing!! And who says teachers are bad at drawing?! ✍️🍄 #chibi #whiteboardart #teachers

This vid sums up the problems with schooling kiddos of primary and secondary in SG. From having to be woken up real early on a God Damn Sunday to study fr their upcoming exams which gives them headaches, to teachers forcing them to read and do hw... Students literally wish that their teachers burn in hell or the books get burned to crisp. Students who don't do well in Exams don't dare to show their parents the grades which lowers many kid's morales.

But kids, use that as motivation to continue studying. If u don't wanna see your teachers that much, do well and graduate faster. I've went through the same shit as you guys. From fainting in sec 1, committing suicide in sec 2,overloading stress in sec 3,high fever during my N and O levels, it's the way of life Guise so just keep on studying and do well oki?? To my fwens who are takin Ns and Os this yr, all the besttt.

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Pili na po ng masahista 💁 😂😄
Manager namen yung naka Blue 😂
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