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North is more calm than all of them 😂
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#tbt Oscars 2015; backstage after awarding Interstellar with the Oscar for best visual effects.

missing my blue💙 can it please be summer already💙 #tbt #descendants2 #evie

@timtebow running the 40-yard dash at the #NFLCombine! 🏃💨 #tbt

A propósito de la #coronación de la reina del #carnaval2017 mi #TBT de hoy.....en la foto de la izquierda estaba en el camerino lista para presentar el año pasado y en la foto de la derecha con mis queridos @joseamaris y #Mauro saliendo para el estadio a presentar la coronación de @marcelagarciacp

3 years ago with my brothers good times man #tbt#WeLit#Blessed🙏🏾💯💯💯 @chrisregister_6 @deshaunwatson4

Can we go back... for just a little bit longer??? #tbt #puntamita #paradise


#tbt 8/9/09 💝
8 sleeps to 16... I am in awe & love with the woman she's becoming, but I miss that little girl every day. #thejaceywacey

Tb to my first Christmas with my doll. Love you lots princess #Tbt ❤️

Feliz cumple Bro! #tbt 👊 🎂

Interesting fact about me that may surprise you: I've never been to Europe.
No, really. It's true.
Well, except for that one time that I went to Norway when I was 7 which I don't really remember except for the facts that I lost a Barbie shoe on a walkway, that birthday cake icing was disappointing sugarless whipped cream and that jelly fish are super scary. Oh, and I vaguely remember my parents leaving my baby brother on a city bus.
Unfortunately, however, most of what would make a trip to Europe memorable was lost in the youth of this girl here in her braids and traditional outfit. But I cherish it nonetheless. And I'm even more excited that photographic evidence of it does exist as I've been combing through my grandparents' memorabilia.
This girl here. A 7-year-old in Norway.
#tbt #norway🇳🇴 #memories

my two favorite rappers drop this freestyle 22 years ago. still one of my favorites #95freestyle #BigL #JayZ #tbt