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Y no me podía ir sin mi #Tbt , alguien se acuerda? Levante la mano 🙋🏻
Gracias @carlosochoarcn por esta foto❤️

#tbt 2006, 2008, 2010 nothings ever changes in my life, except my weight and my cars.

Before I start, I'd like to say that everything in this post is in my own perspective and how I felt about myself. Left: I was weighing about 180 lbs bra size 40D vs Right: weight 125 lbs bra size 34B (although sometimes I fit into 34C). I was the type of girl that never really cared what others thought about me, but when it came to being intimate, I didn't feel so sexy being at my heaviest. I had big boobies and a big wide booty, but my weight and my wobbly bits killed my self esteem. One thing I remember is losing enough weight to where I began to feel a confidence in me that I didn't know I had. Whether it'd be from all the compliments from friends/family/strangers regarding my noticeable weight loss, or from getting random attention 🚹🚺 that I wasn't particularly used to. My weight loss started to change me. I was leaving behind old hobbies, and routines. I began to pick up new ones, for example, working out regularly and shopping! To be able to pick up a handful of items at a store and to know, before I even tried them on, that they would fit perfectly! That it wouldn't be me saying-"the one that fits I'll take..." BUT RATHER-"which one should I take, 😬 THEY ALL FIT!" I would stop at Victoria's Secret and try on bras; back then I never thought I'd be shopping there. Most of the outfits there, I felt, would never look right on my body shape. And even though my breast didn't start to shrink until I was under 180, every several months after hitting that mark, I would go into #vspink and get refitted because my bras were getting smaller and smaller and so was my waistline. ❤️ Both photos were at a Victoria's Secret fitting room, same girl, just a little healthier! ✅@adry_bella✅ BE STRONG, LIVE LONG💟

Como ayer hubo vídeo nuevo hoy hay viernes de #tbt Etiqueta a ese amigo/a infiel!
El 12 de Mayo volvemos a CAPITAL al Teatro Chacarerean. Entradas en el link de la bio, viejo dale que están volando

I made that shirt. Turned a belt buckle into a chain & 1 of them phones For Sure didn't work. 16 was lit tho lol #tbt #throwback

Just a couple of #twinks at Vidcon 2012. Notice he needed a badge and I was hiding mine because I was simply too famous to display my name. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Very proud of his success! #tbt #youtuber #lgbtq

Tulip Festival
Photo by @himui888


Throw back to when I had strength😥💪🏼 per Doctors order I am to begin working out today! I'm allowed 15 mins so gotta make it count!! #autoimmunedisease is basically inflammation in the body due to your immune system attacking healthy tissue. I am on a strict anti inflammatory diet and lifestyle. Did you know that Exercise is a natural anti inflammatory?! 😮 we are hoping to ease some of the pain of my eyes by slowly adding exercise back.

"Dẫu tha thứ lỗi lầm. Ta vẫn không còn bên nhau." #goodbye #thankyou #tbt #bangkok #travel

Happy Friday everyone ☀️#tbt #tgifriday

#tbt to #mf with #lil 💃🏽

Un sacco di capelli, e di un colore uniforme.

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