Welcome VSA @tamuvsa to bonappetea for their profit share tonight from 6-9 PM.
10% of our entire sale profit on these hours will go to VSA yo support their great cause.
Come on by to say hi and mingle with your VSA members!

#bonappeteacs #tamuvsa #profitsharing #banhmi #bobbatea #charity #collegestation #tamu #gigem #texasam

Are you guys feeling extra cultured today? Do you just wanna learn more about the diverse cultures that our wonderful world offers us? Well come celebrate culture with us at Fusion Fiesta in Rudder Plaza from 7PM to 10PM today!! 🇰🇷🇯🇵🇩🇪🇨🇳🇺🇸🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇷🇺🇬🇧
Come visit Rho Delta Chi's and VSA's booths on Vietnam, and gain some extra nuggets of knowledge while you enjoy the free food, t-shirts, and performances from over 20 different cultural organizations!
#FusionFiesta2016 #RhoDeltaChi #TamuVSA #DiversityRules

I watched for a couple minutes before I helped set up the tent properly.

#outdoors #camping #tamuvsa #tent #kinda

Since we didn't have a #wcw last week, we'll be making up for it by having #anotherone. This week's additional crush is Charlene Morrison! She's a sophomore biomedical engineering major at A&M! She loves stress baking and dancing so if you want pastries, definitely hit her up and maybe you can dance afterwards.
#tamuvsa #rushvsa #somuchcheese

This week's #wcw goes out to Nhu Nguyen! She is currently a sophomore biomedical sciences major at A&M! Her hobbies include reading, drawing, and studying so if you like any of those things, you'll both get along! She is also a VSA intern this semester so come hang out with us and get to know her and everyone else!
#tamuvsa #rushvsa #sostudious

This week's #mcm goes to David Galaviz! He's a sophomore business major here at A&M and was a VSA parent last semester! He enjoys soccer and dancing and will love you if you give him food. Come meet him and other VSA parents and officers!! #tamuvsa #rushvsa #ricosuave #pose

Another Wednesday, another #wcw! This week's crush is Yen Nguyen! She's a junior allied health major at A&M and she was also part of our culture chair and cat family's mom last year! She's put in a lot of work towards VSA by doing concessions and spreading awareness about the Vietnamese culture. Make sure to say hi to her and thank her for all she's done!
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa #doconcessions #notsubliminalmessaging

It's time for VSA's #mcm again! This week's crush is Tai Ngo! He's a sophomore engineering major here at A&M and is a member of rat fam! He also participates in a ton of intramural sports as well as League of Legends so get to know him and be athletic! Fun fact: he is also a proud sister of Xpotle!
#tamu #vsa #tamuvsa #rushvsa #rushXpotle

It's time for VSA's #wcw! This week's crush is Jennifer Duong! She's a super senior chemical engineering major at A&M who has a super bubbly personality as evident from her photos. She's also put in a ton of work for VSA, so thank her for all the time she has put in! Also, remember to bring a costume to VSA's 4th general meeting Monday, October 19th!
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa #iforgottorchicsnickname #sorry

It's time for VSA's #mcm again! This week's crush is Austin Tran! He's a sophomore engineering major as well as a brother of Gamma Beta at A&M! As you can tell from his tagged pictures, he's pretty funny, so don't be shy and get to know him!
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa #suave

VSA Campout success! Everyone looks great even though it was 8 in the morning.
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa #camp #2k15

A little late on the #wcw but it's OK! This week's crush is our awesome treasurer, Theresa Cu! She's a sophomore petroleum engineer at A&M so she's super smart! Even though she's quite busy nowadays, she still has time for her Bear family! Get to know Theresa and other officers by showing up to our events!
Also, as a reminder; there are several scholarships you can win at the end of the semester, so show up and get involved!
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa #sopretty

Another Monday, another #mcm! This week's crush is Sang Tran! He's a sophomore geography major here at A&M and is super friendly to talk to and fun to hang out with. If you also play League of Legends, hit him up for some premade queues and get carried to diamond.
#tamu #vsa #tamuvsa #gigem

Fried rice night was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out, ate and played games with us. Remember that we also have another social event this Monday, 9/14, so come on out and meet new people if you couldn't make it to this past event. Also, tell your friends to follow us on Instagram as well as checking out our Facebook and Twitter! In the meantime, enjoy this picture of @phuong_n_n acting like a chicken.
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa #cluckcluck

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means, our first #wcw of the year! This week's crush is our VPex, Kayla Nguyen, a senior in biology. Come meet Kayla and the rest of the officers tomorrow night at Hullabaloo and enjoy our first social!
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our first general meeting last night! Remember that we still have our first social this Thursday (9/10) at Hullabaloo! (Contact us or an officer for any details)
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa #alpaca

Kicking off VSA's first #mcm is our sports chair officer, Eric Jung! He's a sophomore biology major and also rat fam's dad. Come to our meeting tonight to get to know Eric as well as the rest of A&M's VSA officers!
#tamuvsa #tamu #vsa #wehavelaynes

Claire's gonna be the second #aggie in the family! I'm going to make her join #tamuvsa hahaha. This makes the second time my whole family has been in Aggieland!

Shoot what a great looking VSA board! This is #tamuvsa 2015-2016! I'm looking forward to yalls legacy.

Brother and best friend at #TAMUVSA formal! I appreciate and love y'all for visiting and supporting my organization, it was definitely a wonderful night! 🌻❤️ my faces are very representative of how I feel about you two

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