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The wave we all dream of... TAG someone that needs to see this! 📽 @azure_co 🏄🏼 @the_low_hanging_fruit via @trentslatterphoto

Have you ever had a surf this cold..?
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Credit | unknown (DM)

Where any worry in the world disappears!🙌🏼 #myhappyplace

'Man's Best Friend(s)' 🏄🐶🍺 #worldsurfinsta
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⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊ 📷: @diegoweisz

It's true that we all have an enormous amount of potential & it's true that it takes a lot of courage & hard work to bring that potential forward.
Its true nothing happens over night & it sure isn't easy. It's all true, & it's all worth it.

This time last year I set a goal, to work harder than ever over the next year, to build my Art, my knowledge & my own self belief up to a level where I could leave my fulltime 9-5 job, to follow my passion of making Art every day. And now, one year later that dream is going to be my reality. A lot of people might think I already do this, but for years now Ive managed a full time job as well as building my own business. In the past year I could probably count my 'days off' on two hands & I'm not saying this for any reason other than to hopefully show that if you want something, if you're passionate & committed you can make anything you want happen. I said I'd take this leap when I felt ready. And now I am. Im so ready, ready to see what this next year brings. To be honest, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous 😳 I'm only human, but in the last few years I've learnt the best things in my life have come from outside my comfort zone, the things that scared me a little were the same things that helped me grow the most. The things that made my stomach do backflips were the same things that made me stronger, smarter even more motivated & confident to follow my passion. Our lives are too short to just settle for 'ok' or 'good'. I want great, I want to do the things I love 🙌🏾 5, 10, 50 years from now I don't want 'What ifs' . I want to look back & know I found my passion, I worked hard, & I believed in myself enough make anything I set my mind to happen. So here's to the unknown, to stepping outside of comfort zones, to finding what you love & following it. To everyone who's reading & following this, to my amazing friends & family who support me endlessly, to everyone who has ever messaged me kind words about my work & everyone who owns a piece of my art already thankyou, a million times Thankyou ❤️And to everyone who plans on owning some of my Art in the future....Im ready 🙏🏾✍🏾#findyourpurpose #followyourpassion 📸 by @mathman_

Don’t teach people how to kitesurf when you have no idea what you’re doing 🙈 Tag the best kitesurf instructor 😂

勝手に、グラデーションpic 3連発目🤣✌🏾🌺🌺🌺
ナオキさん @naoki_shiotsuki が海上がり撮ってくれた、
#サーフボードが彼氏 だから何回も何回も言わせんといて←←
トモコ姉さん🐶👩🏻🐶 @tomokotaroken
からの @tomoko__seashore
ユウキくん📷👦🏻🌉 @yuki.ando.37


Time for a ride! 🛵Enjoying my time in Newcastle and checking out new spots for surfing🏄🏼‍♀️ I just love the view! ❤️#surfergirl #waves #surfboard #newcastle #newcastlebeach #happy #polishgirl #polishpower #podroze #doswiadczenie #sposobnazycie #kochamzycie #australia #dystanstopojeciewzgledne #pokonamkazdydystans

Gifted By God

Never too young to be totally STOKED! 🏄
Photo | @unknown
#surf #stoke #grom #minigrom #surfing #surfer #surfers #surfboard #surfkids #surfdays #yew

Setting fin boxes on a fresh model which will be available soon! #handshaped #shapers #surfboard #handcrafted #bw #stock

Quem não gosta de coisa boa?? Então se liga nesse kit que montamos, leash @dakine deck @cisurfboards quilhas @shaperssurf e pra fechar aquela parafa esperta @fu.wax Corre para o site e garanta ótimos preços com diversas condições de pagamento. Lembrando que o Frete Grátis é para compras acima de R$199 Vem com Nós #gosurf #surf #surfing #surfboard

ZBURH surfboards “SURGE” model shaped by Seiichi Morii.
#zburh #zburhsurfboard #SURGE #morii #surfboard

@bunker_boardshops 🐟 X 3 (Left to right 5'2" , 5'6" , 5'8") glassed by @tarsotenorio available at our OB location !! #resintint #bunkerboardshops #surfboard #twinfins

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