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How BY: Daughter.
《 Today was finally a day to relax. No harm. No cases. No drama. Everything was sorted out. Finally, a day off.
《 Walking through the halls of the bunker was fascinating, seeing all the ancient objects and what not. Touching all kinds of swords and armor peices.
《 Dean walks by, seeing as you begin to take in the area. You both make eye contact....awkward....
《 "So....this is your...uh, base?" You question and admire.
《 He chuckles, "Yeah, something like that. Do you want to sit down? I wanted to ask you a question." He gestured towards the kitchen.
《 "Sure! Lemme get something to drink real quick, do you want anything?" You said walking to the fridge.
《 "A beer, please and thank you." You reach for a beer on the shelf along with a water containter just to the right of it. Then you pour yourself some water and sit down with Dean. "So anyways, I was wondering if you're a- DON'T DRINK THAT IT'S-" Dean was about to take the glass of water from you but it was too late.
《 "What's wrong? It tastes just fine!" You looked at the glass suspiciously. Dean looked absolutely fucking stunned as hell.
《 "How are you not..." he tried racking his brains for answers as to how you didn't taste any of the holy water. "Aren't you Crowley's kid!? How are you not in pain!?"
《 You finally understood as to why he was worried. Crowley was, well...The King Of Hell and you were his kid...but not really. "I'm not actually his kid actually. I guess you could say he adopted me. He says my parents were hunters and all, but that doesn't explain how I can fluently read and speak enochian without struggle. I've just given up on trying to figure it out. But wait, you had a question?"
《 Again, Dean is speechless as ever. "N-no, I-uh...I think you answered all that I guess." He rubbed his temples in confusion but waved it off, remebering that it was a day off. No more stress, 'Come on Dean, it's a lazy day, Damnit!' He thought. So he laid down back into his chair drinking a beer and listening to Y/n's stories. So far, this looks like a good friendship...

It’s finally Friday! I hope y’all had a good week. Even if you didn’t u made it. You are here reading this and that’s something special❤️🙌🏻 Yesterday was beyond stressful with moving to my new house and all of the homework I got yesterday. I feel so behind on everything going on and I am going to try to sit down and watch the 2nd parody and enjoy it. I will post everyday this weekend. 💓🎉

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Hillywood Parody was amazing •

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Pretty much their relationship •

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