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Don't crimp my style. #sundayfunday #hair #sunglasses #activewear

A winged liner + a nude lip is my favorite on the go look 🙌🏽 What’s yours? I’ve partnered with @cvspharmacy to share some of my new beauty finds. In addition to sharing their $3 for $30 promo happening right now. I picked up a few items from the MUA line to create this classic look. The “Coffee” liner + “Nude” lipstick is the perfect nude pout & the Cat Eye liner in “Midnight Black” for a crisp wing. ❤️
#cvsbeauty #makeup #makeupbydenise #sundayfunday #curlyhair #naturalhair #wingedliner

Sunday funday! Had the best time on the beach and in the pool today. We're hoping to build our own this year!! A super dream! I want a little salt water pool for shark baby to play around in at home🤗 One day soon perhaps.... #yogaeverydamnday today was sleeping 10 whole hours (baby slept 12!) and then one single down dog in the am while playing on the play mat. I feel so rested! Last night was the first time I really slept and relaxed... Maybe all year. I slept so crappy when I was pregnant and it's not until just now with shark baby in her own crib for the first time and actually sleeping well on her own that my body is beginning to relax. I'm still up checking on her a lot (I constantly have to check that she is breathing)🙈 but I'm beginning to soften into this new routine. I absolutely loved co-sleeping and wouldn't have changed a thing (the first 6 weeks she literally slept on top of me) but now that she eats max once per night (moving toward not at all) it feels so good to have a little bit of space! She's clearly liking it too. I put her to bed fully awake now after bedtime routine and she wiggles around a little bit and then falls asleep on her own. If this continues we may just decide to have another one just for kicks😜 Let's see if it sticks!

Last few days of the #yogaeverydamnday challene and I'm teaching tomorrow at 9.30am! Come hang at @island.yoga if you're in the mood to flow. Or catch me online at @oneoeight.tv !❤️ All the love and wishing you all a beautiful Sunday💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 #sundayfunday #yoga #pooltime #beach #aruba #happiness #love #RCMemories

One step at a time. One choice at a time. One day at a time.
That's how you're gonna make it!!

How hard did you "work" to arrive right here??

AND what are you willing to do to get "There?"

It's a collective effort and an obsessive desire that's ACTUALLY gonna be powerful enough to tip the scale. You can "start slow" and maintain like a beast... Or you can be ALL IN and watch dramatic change occur! But honestly, you gotta finally make up your mind. Because all this wishy- washy commitment to whatever it is you KNOW needs to happen to make your circumstances change is not only an enormous waste of time it's also causing you to get and stay comfortable in an OK place instead of propelling you forward into those areas of discomfort that you know are the gateway to what you actually want! You're only playing yourself! Because please believe all the people standing around watching you Teeter totter back-and-forth at what you say you need to do I'm not going to be affected if you stay exactly the same. And all their live and support is great, but who's gonna push you to expect more & Give more of yourself! It's hard to watch your peer grow while you stay just the same! Even loved ones and friends get uncomfortable with that! So yes, it's on you. To be the driven, obsessed and focused one making sure YOU'RE ON IT. Stop looking around for someone to consign on your betterment. Make the BOLD fully committed choice because good or bad- rise or fall- you gotta live with it. This is your life we are talking about!
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Double exposure for double the fun! ⠀
Made with #PicsArt using #FreeToEdit by twinssusa.⠀
#madewithpicsart #photography #photoedit #photoeditor #doubleexposure #digitalart #portrait #remix #sunday #sundayfunday #inspiration

Sunday night after an amazing relaxing weekend @bangenergy. Did anyone do anything fun this weekend??
Inventor of Bang @vpxredlineceo

No pants sundays!!! Ahhh why not! Xoxo 👖🙊🤷🏽‍♀️🙅🏽 #sundays #sundayvibes #sexysunday #sundayfunday #nopantsparty


My #SundayFunday in a nutshell. I truly have the BEST friends a gal could ask for. This trip home was the MOST. Thanks you for keeping heart full NY. That's why it will always be #home

Sunday Funday at the City of Trees Concert representing #thecomedyspot 😎👍🏻🎤🎸🎼🥁 #cityoftrees #sundayfunday #withbae

High on frosting 😵👰🏼 #happyday #sundayfunday #wedding

A Sunday evening at the beach. Most people have left and it’s quiet and empty. Ron went out today while I napped and got fresh shrimp for cocktails. We brought this lovely bottle of Black Cordon and had burgers and fries. Beautiful sunset tonight. Did some yard work tonight and cut some birds of paradise from the yard. Added them to the anniversary arrangement. #sunset #napavalley #napacabernet #mybeachlife #sundayfunday #birdsofparadise #shrimpcocktails #skrimps

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