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Dando início ao fim de semana! 🌊☀️.

Starting the weekend!
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Battling Bae or Sassy Sibling? You decide. (Comment below) #penciledcelebrities

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Laguna Beach 08-18-17

"Her heart was alive with love, and her soul set alight with the beauty she saw in every waking moment" ❤ This is the only chance we get at life, and a day spent not appreciating what we have, is a day wasted. .
We get so caught up in social comparison with others, that sometimes we forget that the life we are already living is, for lack of better words, built from our own vision of perfection. We get the life we expect, the life we feel we deserve, the life that is built through hard work, dedication of thoughts and aided by the hand of destiny. .
We take chances, and risks for it. We stumble, fall and fail; but we get up again. We quit the things that don't serve us, and imagine the things that will. We work hard on our dreams, and bring them to life at a pace we feel comfortable. We learn, we grow, we achieve. We love the people worthy of our time, and learn to let go of those who never will. We learn to seek new sights, to enrich our lives with travel, books, food, friends and family.
We learn, that in the end it's not about how many breaths we take in life, but the amount of LIFE in each of those breaths... .
Today, on this #soulfulsunday take a moment to count your blessings, to be grateful for all that you have in life, and to reflect on all the hard work it took to get to EXACTLY where you are; and exactly WHO you are - because that person is worth more than anything else in the world ❤

What are you doing this weekend 💙 #weekend #saturday #sunday

#photographer and #creativedirector
Working our way to the life we wanna live as we go 🌍
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Starbuck cuối tuần 🤤🤤 ☘️☘️#starbucks #sunday #hangout #imsteam #love

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