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Buenas noches!!! 🌙 😍😍 Les dije que necesitaba un nuevo tatuaje. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Esta vez sí se me fue un poco de las manos... es mas, llegó hasta los dedos. 🤩😜 Gracias a Sabdiel López @sabdielart quien va de la mano del mejor maestro 💪🏻, Juan Papito López @juanr_lopez_ en 1711 Tattoo Studio. @1711tattoostudio 💉🎨💉🎨 Puedes llamar para sacar tu cita al 787-705-5680.
😑☹️ Solo me faltan las uñas. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Este huracán me dejó hasta sin ellas. 💆🏻‍♀️🤣😂
Mi cabello 💙 es por Yazmin Figueroa @yazminfigueroa1019 939-288-2594. 😍
Besos. 😘😘😘😘
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Still feeling it today!!! Thanks to everyone who very kindly donated! A great experience with a great team and all for a great cause. Raising money and awareness to get men talking and tackle prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention. I've been asked a few times when this is on. It won't be on tv, it's not a show, it was a #momission for @movember. But there'll be plenty of clips kicking about on social media! Extra special thanks to @ollie.ollerton @jason_carl_fox & the whole team @break_point_uk also to the veterans who gave up there time to make our time hell!! #prostatecancer #testicularcancer #suicideprevention #movember #interogation #whitenoise #cold #wet #brutal #strikeback @jaguarukpr @canterburynz @gordonsmart @leonmckinsta @iwanrunner @beckadlington @oliviacoxlondon @samthompsonuk #thenightswatch 👊🏼

Today is my sister’s birthday. She loved it when it fell on Thanksgiving, because it was her favorite holiday. :) As my enduring grief and my present thankfulness come face to face today, for the first time I’ve been able to realize how profoundly grateful I am to have had a sister. I had a sister. Many people don’t, but I did. I had a funny, kind, patient, compassionate, understanding, protective big sister, for 28 years. And even though my memories of her are now as painful as they are precious, I had her. I have her. She’s not here, but I have her, and I’m so much better for it. Thank you God for sisters. #thanksgiving #suicideprevention #chooselife

I have had to face many adversities and depressions in my life and through my experiences I have developed a passion for helping others through their journeys.

I want you understand that Depression is simply human emotion. Some shit is going to happen in life that makes you depressed. Sometimes its really hard and sometimes you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Its normal to feel sad, hurt, angry and afraid. We are human and we have emotions. But aside from these emotions, LOGICALLY we understand that life must go on. And whatever adversity you faced that caused this depression is simply a thing that happened in the past.

You can't control the past. But you can control the present and the decisions you make during the present will dictate your future.
You control your thoughts, which controls your emotions which controls your energy.
So channel your thoughts to create positive energy. Because the more you focus on something the more of that you will receive.


Important caption, read below...
Suicide. it’s the leading killer of teens going through depression. i myself have gone through depression, many have at one point. never let suicide take your life. nothing your going through, no matter what is happening, nothing is worth taking your own life. God has a plan for you. whatever your going through, pray to him. worry about what matters, you are living. many never get the chance. there will be people tomorrow who won’t wake up in the morning. there will be people who never live pay 16. treasure each and every bit of your life. thank God each and every day for everything you have. always take pride in whatever you do. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. nothing is worth taking your own life. stay strong and don’t leave everyone who cares about you. no matter what your going through, God will help you. STAY STRONG!
#suicideprevention #suicideawareness #suicidehelp #dontkilllive

When someone tells u that u need an attitude adjustment.

I don’t think my parents understand how much the things the say to me and the way they treat me affect me. In a split second I can go from almost happy to suicidal.Suddenly nothing else matters except their dissaproval of me. Its hard to be working so hard on building yourself up, facing the odds and striving to be the best version of yourself and be met with such criticism alog the way. Its like running a marthon without the encouraging cheer from the crowd just booing and people running along side you telling you how much of a loser you are.

Today I resolved to get myself sober, organise to catch up with old friends, eat healthier, quit smoking and even go to the gym! I had done all of those things and was feeling pretty proud and motivated. My self confidence was on the incline and I felt a sigh of relief. I gave myself a metaphorical pat on the back.wht did I think this sense of accomplishment would last? I had just begun feeling good about myself again and they just tore down my self worth all over again like opening up an old infected wound. Just when I think its beginning to heal they stab me where it hurts. i get it I'm a piece of shit. A huge disappointment and a burden on you for knowing I exist. I know its true, u have been telling me this my entire life. I heard it so much as a child it plays in my mind and is the soundtrack to my life. I have given up hope that you will ever see my worth but it still hurts when you make me feel like its true. I am sorry I am not what you wanted but that isn’t going to change who I am. I’ve accepted you for all your short comings I just want you to do the same. But you think people are good or bad like a fine cut line black and white. I might be grey but you see me as black. You always have and I've spent a lifetime trying to change your mind. But it feels like I've done the exact opposite.

On the outside I act all tough and make out like none of this effects me. But deep down inside I crumble. The weight of their judgment and disappointment supphocates me.

Leadership, Maturity, Emotional Intelligence, Resiliance, Camaraderie, Humility, Confidence... Just a few of the topics you master whilst serving in the Special Operations. Life skills learnt at high speed in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, not to be matched by today's cotton wool approach.
My duty now is to teach and raise awareness to the level we should all aspire to. To have a major impact and make the world a better place.

My hat goes off to all of the men and women still serving. And my heart is with those struggling with the after effects
#menshealth #suicideprevention #evennettarmy #commandotough #lalotactical #trainingmask #performixdriven
Challenge Accepted



I am thankful for a lot of things, but on the holidays it really helps me realize how thankful I am for recovery
These photos are 5 years apart and I have changed so much over the years. 5 years ago I was struggling and especially at the holidays. I was terrified for our family meals and spent more time overthinking and hating myself then enjoying time with my family. Over the years I have finally started my recovery journey and it has changed me so much
Last year I spent my Thanksgiving without my family in treatment, states away from home. Today I am spending the holiday with all of my family and enjoying every single moment
Today I still struggle with meals at time but i don’t resort to destructive behaviors. I enjoy the time with my family and don’t focus on calories or how much I am eating. I listen to my hunger cues and respect my body. I have changed so much over the years and I am really damn proud of myself
If it wasn’t for my friends, family, and treatment team I wouldn’t be where I️ am today. The holidays will probably always be a hard time for me but with recovery I have learned how to take care of myself and love myself no matter what happens. Food is not the enemy and I see that now. I am still working on loving my body the way it’s made and one day I will get there, baby steps
To all the beautiful souls I have met on here I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I love you. If you need anyone my DMs are always open. Stay strong 💗

Happy Thanksgiving ❤️ A whole day dedicated to the beautiful attitude of gratitude and also a difficult day for so many. Holidays can tend to feel like days that need to be ideal or perfect and, of course, there's no such thing. The thing is, though, there's always something to be thankful about. Always. However big or small that thing seems to you, it matters. It never hurts to look at things from another perspective. Flip that thinking and have yourself a gorgeous day ❤️ #sundaywisdom #mentalhealth #reducestigma #acceptance #health #love #truth #therapy #therapist #therapistlife #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #life #help #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #mental #psychology #psychiatry #suicideprevention #suicideawareness #endstigma #loveyourself #brave #bravery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #instagood

Buenas noches!!!! 😍😍
Yo aquí con mi papá 😍 disfrutando el día en familia 😃; el resto no quiso salir en este selfie. 😑
😃 Espero que ustedes hayan tenido un súper día, que hayan reflexionado y dado gracias por todo, ya sea bueno o no muy bueno. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! 🍁🍽🦃 😋😘❤️
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Students in our #YYJ Social Services Worker program take part in an ASIST suicide prevention training and non-violent crisis intervention (NVCI) workshop. #suicideprevention #asist #nvci #socialservicesworker #victoriabc

Let this be a message to you guys and remember nobody is perfect we all have those days were we just want to give up but we can’t we just have to keep fighting and keep moving on||✌🏻❤️➕
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It's Thursday!
Time To Blaze Your Trail!

Leadership in today's world can be tricky.
It's tricky because with digital media- you are constantly being solicited.
Solicitation -
the act of asking for or trying to obtain something from someone is everywhere.
So the question we must constantly ask ourselves is Why?

Why am I buying this item?
Why am I buying into this collective thought?
Why am I celebrating this occasion?
This holiday?
I often release myself from the collective to master my thoughts .
Do the research.
Try to see the outcome.
The consequences of my thoughts.
My actions.
My beliefs.
My legacy.

Why Am I still in this relationship ?
Why am I still working at this career?
Why am I still friends with this person?
Why am I celebrating this holiday?
Being a leader doesn't mean you have to Debunk every lil thing.

But maybe it can mean that we gracefully learn the skill of holding ourselves more responsible for the how , when and why moments that collectively sum up our lives.
Practice awareness on this level.
Being aware of your own decision making power means you can manifest positive change on the drop of a new ephiany.
Be a leader in your own life.

Sometimes is better to sit on the sidelines - watch the herd and do what's right for you.
Imagine a world where everyone was encouraged to blaze (lead) a personal- more joyous path (trail). #genderswag
Clarence Scandelle Johnson with Genderswag Equality TV and Media
#holiday #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdinner #love #helpothers #awake #family #yeshuaschild #friends #suicideprevention #gay #equality #hope #depression #addictionrecovery #godislove
#singer #songwriter #photography #art #poetry

Remember to be thankful for what you have , you might have more than others , what's not important to you ,might be what other people crave. I'm spending today with friends , because family has become a thing of the past for me , I lost a great friend in life a few days ago, he took his life.. if only he knew the impact he had on everyone who loved him while he was still here , maybe he would still be here , tell everyone you care about today what they mean , it could change their world , happy thanks giving and to you David lowry , I know your eating and abundance of food up there with the main man Jesus today, tell him I said what's up , put in a good word for me , love you bruddah.
#thanksgiving #suicideprevention #friends #family #love

Day 65 of 20 Days of 20 Push-ups:

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a rough time for everyone
Just get through it

Tomorrow is another day to start again
Here it is, 20+ days past my initial goal

40+ days of exercise to combat my own depression and maybe help someone
If you are considering suicide, let me be the one to stop you. I know everything sucks but suicide isn’t really the answer.
Let me be the excuse you give, if you need an excuse
I’ve been there

I know sometimes you just want a sign
Sometimes you just need an excuse to not follow through with it
This is it

This is your sign that someone is listening
Laugh at my stupid life for a while
Do some push-ups
Or Sit-ups
Originally, a friend nominated me for this #pushupchallenge
that was over 20 days ago, so I'm going to continue doing it for all those people ( #lgbtqa #lgbtqayouth #militaryveterans #depression #you ) who are contemplating #suicide but deciding to just stick it out for the hell of it. #suicideprevention
Call 1-800-273-8255 - The Suicide Prevention Resource Center estimated that between 5 and 10% of LGBT youth, depending on age and sex groups, have attempted suicide, a rate 1.5-3 times higher than heterosexual youth. - Approximately 20 Military Veterans Per Day.
If you want to take part in the push-up challenge, consider yourself nominated!

Tell ‘em #davemademedoit


Day 1 of Younique's 8 Days of Gifts 🎁 are almost sold out! There will be a NEW bundle tomorrow 👍🏻

Today’s one of the tougher days in this year of firsts. Thanksgiving used to be a big deal for us, gathering the Fayetteville members of the Hobbs family and driving down to the grandparents’ house for an hours-long meal with aunts, uncles, cousins, and respective spouses. One of my favorite Sage memories is the year he brought an extra garlicky batch of hummus to Thanksgiving, eagerly trying to get his simple country folk family to try something new. In solidarity, I loaded my plate with a spoonful and chuckled at him and his good-natured and brazen gestures. Today, we’re a smaller version of that same family, spending the day together in yoga class with friends, out for a walk, and dinner for two later at @brambleandhare. Giving thanks is hard for us this year, but I’m eternally grateful to experience life alongside this guy. 💜

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