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DAY 6 of my #22killpushupchallenge ! (It feels like day 200😭) my arms are dead and my form is lacking but we still goin'! I nominate the oh so buff @hernameisdeidre tonight!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #ptsdawareness #suicideawarness #GraceNation

"love is enough; you are enough."
#SuicideAwarness #SemicolonProject #LoveIsEnough

Another week down, another pound down. Officially 11 weeks into prep and my first planned show isn't until October. I am hopeful that my metabolism will continue to speed up as I would like to do a show or to in august/September but we will see. Right now there really isn't any pressure and that's the way I like it ✌🏼🍑 #beginigweeksofprep #ipepro #bikinilove #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #myhappyplace #leaningout #alwaysworking #doingthisforyou #MRB #suicideawarness

Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason, don't forget it.
Day 1 of #suicideawarness 22 press ups for 22 days. Thanks @fefe_thehulkita for nominating Fraser and I. I nominate my other client Liz cause I know how much she loves push ups as well😏💪🏽

The University of Maine Cheerleading team wore purple and teal to show our support for #SuicideAwarness . We want to challenge the @unhcheer team by asking them to do the same! #OneMoreDay #YouAreNotAlone National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

On Easter 5 months ago I was talking to my buddy Jeremy and he wasn't having a great day. I tried to cheer him up but nothing would work. I figured the next time I saw him at work he would be happy and back to his regular self. We would eat some crazy sandwiches and talk about video games. I would threaten him with ketchup. He would clean the lights that never really needed to be cleaned. That next shift never happened. I came into work after being texted out of the blue to cover a shift. I got there and I was told my friend had attempted to take his own life. The worst wait of my life occurred over the next two days. I couldn't go 10 seconds without thinking about why my friend had done that or what more I could have done to help. He was in critical care and things we're not looking great but we clung to whatever hope we could. I prayed and wished and did everything to ask for a miracle. I went into work and heard the news I had been dreading that Jeremy had passed. That was one of the worst moments of my entire life. It is something I think about many times a day still and it's an unshakable sadness.
Jeremy would say to me to often "Sean, you are to good a person, you make me feel bad about myself"
I would say "Jeremy you are just as good a person as me"
Then he would go silent and we would stare at each other and forget about it until he said it the next time.
I haven't been able to make a post about this because it's just been to much. I thought today would the most appropriate day seeing as it is suicide prevention day. If you are feeling down and out. Try and talk to someone. The human race has an incredible capacity to be loved and give love. Even when life seems as bad as its gonna get we still have each other. I love every single one of you and I love my friend Jeremy. If anyone ever needs to talk dm me, text me try and get in touch. I ask that if you got this far that you let people know that they mean so much to you and that you love them. You never know when you are making someone's day or saving their life. #suicidepreventionday #suicideawarness

Three years ago today the world lost a ray of sunshine.. he is always and forever in my memory 😔 I saw someone wearing a sweater at a concert that said You Are Loved and it made me think of Ty, it reminded me that it's the little things that count. Never underestimate the power of words and love, it could save someone's life #suicideawarness #breakthesilence


"Forever in my heart" mens #memorial pendant featuring a beautifully detailed anatomical heart. The disc is hand cut and then stamped, the rim is then formed and solder on once that is done the heart and bail are soldered on and the piece is cleaned, oxidized and polished.

#suicideawarness We sit on instagram and facebook and we feed off the quotes that tell us we are not good enough or we compare ourselves to those are 'succeeding' - all in all social media can be our enemy if we choose to make it.. we will never be free of it nor will we ever stay away from it and it's ok - if I can capture inspire one person who is struggling or who is looking for there last glimpse of hope by telling my story and by hash tagging #suicidestories #depressed #depression #cutting #suicide #darkness #sadness then I have succeeded 💕

We have all been to the darkest corners of our minds, places we thought didn't exist or places we thought we'd never go, it was this time last year that I was in my darkest hour and had given up all hope that anything was going to get better, it is so cliché but I am telling you IT DOES.
I was addicted to feeling #numb and i fed off #quotes that told me I wasn't good enough.
In July of 2016 I decided it was to much for me and I was prepared to end my life, this wasn't planned, I didn't write a note, it was irrational and surprisingly it was so easy. I took 7 illicit pills 3 hallucinates and many prescription pills in order to commit #suicide - I'll tell you this , YES your life flashes before your eyes and you remember all the good in your life it's like torture! Some of us die instantly when we commit suicide some of us want to feel the pain (that was me) - but through the numbness and the pain FEAR overcome me and I knew the pain people would feel if I was gone or was so SCARY so I called my brother and I told him what I had done.. someone saved me that day, I saved me. I new it wasn't my time to go and even though I had to go through all the pain and suffering that day and I tell you my heart has never been the same - I'm so glad I did.
Today is a fucking shit day but I'm rocking it and I'm getting through it and I'm looking at that light at the end of the tunnel and I know that I have made it and I will always make it!
if I can inspire one person through these hash tags today I have succeeded whether it's friends or strangers - IT DOES NOT RAIN FOREVER ❤️❤️

Another week down, another pound down. Officially 11 weeks into prep and my first planned show isn't until October. I am hopeful that my metabolism will continue to speed up as I would like to do a show or to in august/September but we will see. Right now there really isn't any pressure and that's the way I like it ✌🏼🍑 #beginigweeksofprep #ipepro #bikinilove #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #myhappyplace #leaningout #alwaysworking #doingthisforyou #MRB #suicideawarness

Looking forward to our partnerships. #PureRise is a Non-Profit organization for kids who have been affected by suicide in their lives. They will provide mentors and organize after school activities and trips to sporting events. We will also be donating a percentage every month to make sure these kids live a life with love and beauty. #suicideawarness #Repost @dennis_driftmeyer with @repostapp
Thank you @hummusking_meals & @kinghummus for the meals.!! I will be partnering with #HK1 and starting to do charity work with them once a month. This is a start to something great #PureRise

After yesterday's post I got a message from a new friend of mine. We talked more about her situation than this. She tried to end it all, but when that didn't work she decided to keep on going. Thankfully she was able to escape and is doing great things in life now.
A situation can be absolutely horrible, but with your experiences you can help so many other people that have been through something similar or even prevent people from that happening to them in the future. There is always a positive to a negative.
#survivor #survive #sexualabuse #SexualExploitation #ptsdawareness #nevergiveup #neverquit #bestrong #strongwomen #prisoner #escape #suicideawarness #friends #powerful #happyending

My name is Emmanuel. I finished school last year but failed my final examinations. I was to rewrite it this year but there was no money to register for the examinations. I've become an object of ridicule among  my peers. I've been depressed since then. I've even considered taking my life.  All my mates are now in school and I have to wait another year. Please advice me!

WFM 91.7 informed Emmanuel that his story is being profiled this evening. Emmanuel says he'll listen to your advise & may call in.

NB. Toyin Alatise-Abimbola, a Clinical Psychologist, Founder & Director, PsychNG is on AdultConversations tonight to advise and counsel.

Call studio lines & let's break the "silence culture" together on 07000917917 & 09025625455
@wfm91.7 on Twitter facebook & Instagram
You can send your true life story with your contact to adultconversations@wfm917.com #SuicideAwarness #TuneIn now #AdultsConversation #VoiceOfWomen #wfm #mattersoftheheart #love #emotions #confused #helpme #issuesoftheheart

"love is enough; you are enough."
#SuicideAwarness #SemicolonProject #LoveIsEnough

Our theatre artist in residence #sorchafox has programmed some exciting new works with @thedockarts. This Saturday we are playing "magpies on the pylon" written and performed by Michael Collins. More exciting things planned for National Poetry Day. #theatre #artistinresidence #suicideawarness #voice #amplify #nationalpoetryday #poetry #actors #faircity

Meet Vickie Hall-Cox,
Here is what she said on why she joined the cast of For Corey.
"I wanted to do this film because of the awareness it would bring to suicide prevention. I lost a friend and a cousin to suicide. We lose too many, young and old, to this epidemic. It is important that people are aware that there is a wonderful life meant for them out there, but they must live that life in order to experience it. There are people they can talk to, who will listen to them, and will help them see the light at the end of the tunnel and a purpose for living. If one life is saved through this film, it will be worth it."
Be sure to look for the short film #forcorey on April 26th, to be released on Facebook and and YouTube. For more updates be sure to like Actor Brady A. Myers. #suicidehotline #suicideawarness #indiefilm #shortfilm #psa #itsabadmomentnotabadlife #lovelife #forcorey #neverforget

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