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Song: Happier - Ed Sheeran
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Self harmed, binged, purged and ligated this evening. My anxiety is so high, tomorrow I have an app with my psych and CPN. I'm going to use the session with my CPN to say goodbye to her and give her her thank you present and card. Tomorrow is also the day where I can finally say goodbye to this world. I simply can't do this anymore. #depression #selfharmmm #suicidal #mentalillness #suicide #bpd

I am a dog mom.
I am a friend.
I am a sister, daughter, and partner.
And, I live with a mental illness.

I am a writer.
I am a photographer.
I am a marketing exec, entrepreneur and all around creative.
And, I live with a mental illness.

I am a goofball.
I am a sillyhead
I am a dork, child at heart and total clutz.
And, I live with a mental illness.

I am a lover.
I am a dreamer.
I am an activist, athlete and advocate.
And, I live with a mental illness.

I am a human.
I am more than words.
I am more than labels.
And, I live with a mental illness.

All of these things are parts of me.
All of these things TOGETHER make me, me.

No one thing defines me BUT you don't get me if you leave out any one thing.

And, truth be told, I wouldn't want it any other way.

I've started a new project to challenge the assumptions that go hand in hand with living with a mental illness. Please join me 👉@_humansofmentalillness

Share the many spectacular aspects of your humanity and then please tag @_humansofmentalillness in your photo and use #humansofmentalillness


I cant delete the screenshots of our messages. I cant delete him from my thoughts. Even though hes bringing me pain now, for that amount of time I had him in my life, he brought me so much happiness and joy. I cant do it. When I look at them, it reminds me of when I felt like I was on top of the world.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment you do things that in #hindsight aren't very smart! This #clip was from the 1st @mashsf of the year. Comin across New Montgomery on #marketstreet I took a #suicide line goin' over the cheese graters on 2nd! Did all that & I didn't even win!!! It's crazy cuz I was more worried about poppin' a tire than gettin' gooped up! I wanna win an alley cat so bad I can taste it! #imfromthestreets #keepitgutter #imadeit #sf #sfc #suckafree #415king #rossi #alleycat #mashin #gassin #smashin #redlightrunner #imouthere #rideordie #nofucksgiven #beastin

"Si por amor te subi a las nubes, por orgullo te arrastro al infierno"

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the artistic ones that have the most broken hearts

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