Hanne Gaby Odiele
1987/10/8 一直都很喜歡的模特兒,私底下穿著非常厲害,喜歡古著搭配高級時裝,從極簡到圖騰都可以駕馭,街拍一直都是一個很有趣雜誌主題,以前很厲害的Kate moss到Agyness deyn,還有丹麥模特兒Freja Beha Erichsen,都可以從街拍看出模特兒的個性!

而Hanne gaby odiele 本身出生就充滿奇幻的故事,後來也是有歷經車禍,沈寂了一段時間,但終究光芒是藏不住的。

然後陣容目前有Willy Cartier、 Jarrod Scott、Tony Thornburg 、Tanya D、Jordan and Zac stenmark !
Hanne Gaby Odidel, my all time favorite model, especially her street look.
From Dries van Noten to Jil Sander, she rocks the outfit!

Although she has been through a lot of things, such as car accident and her gender thing, god have never forgotten her and let her be born as a model!

She always reminds me of the story in the bible. I imagine the fast fashion and terrible clothes are like persecutors, ture fashion is like Moses, and she is like the adherent helping Moses to part the Red Sea!

Hanne Gaby definitely is the assassin of Moses’ bodyguards.Btw, the bodyguards must includes Willy Cartier Jarrod Scott、Tony Thornburg 、Tanya D、Jordan and Zac stenmark !
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Pt.1 Denim Shoot
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I appreciate you all my friends and family for the love and support you’ve shown me.. As you celebrated me; you will be celebrated all the days of your lives. My God bless you all for me. #streetqueen #sexyspirit #godpikin #mylifemystory #nollywoodmovies #nollywood

No place like home... all this from my family. I love so much love you all. #streetqueen #mybirthday #sexspirit #godpikin.

Well got new tires again this week! 😂 look so much better!! #33s #-44offset #streetqueen #mallcrawler #stillthehuntingrig #fuckstockwheels

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This Joy that I have; the world didn't give it and the world can't take it from me. #birthdayqueen #streetqueen #sexyspirit #godpikin
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Outfit: Na my cloth I wear.

The story of Gold is my story..
I am not losing my nature for any reason. Because God created me this way.. #birthdaygirl #streetqueen #nollywood #mylifemybusiness

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Hot pink babe 💕
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