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HAPPY HUMP DAY NINCOMPOOPS (it’s Wednesday, right?)! Here’s a pic of me attempting to do some fancy yoga pose on these mossy, crunchy mounds of lusciousness from this past weekend. Felt like a little fairy (trying not to break her ankles) bouncing off these clumps of earth out to this little plateau. Cuz what’s yoga without a breath-taking backdrop and a weekend get-away without some kickass friends to capture your most stellar moments? #StillDaydreaming

She wore a smile like a loaded gun. — Atticus
#StillDaydreaming #StillSmiling #FullyLoaded

Meet Geno (Sustagen), he was the hero of all the stories I made when I was just 7 years old. Because I daydream a lot, I let him go to different adventures and places I wished I could go,,haha! I can't believe he's still here! #goshImOld #stilldaydreaming #kilayislife #siGeno

@benjamin_joel is just about done editing our Iceland video!! 🎥 Got me reminiscing about this beautiful day & impromptu shoot with @merveandnils ☺️ Can’t wait to share the rest of our trip that photos just couldn’t do justice to. ♥️🌎📍 #leftOurHeartsInIceland #stillDayDreaming #ABRENIVENTURES

Always a joy when I get to perform. Hope to keep playing and writing more for a very long time 🔥⭐️💯 #music #goodvibes #stilldaydreaming

Flashback Friday! Finally found the pictures of another day in Mexico! 40min of straight zip lining 🤪! Driving through the muddy waters and dark jungle!! #stilldaydreaming #lovemexico #🇲🇽 #mybabygoeseverywherewithme #triooftrust

Working hard on the album be looking out for it. It will be on all platforms. #stilldaydreaming

One of my favourite parts of roadtripping... is racing the sun to the horizon, to go park for the night and get the best possible view ✨ 📷@reneeroaming

Hi 👋 i may be under water. Last night I dreamt of fancy cocktails and riding hotel banisters like a skater but with my feet. I was floating down almost weightless. Like floating in the ocean. I felt it at my feet. Partied hard in my dream and I'm a little tired today. #backtomomstuff #stilldaydreaming #dreams #fancycocktailswithtinygarnish #dreamjournal

The best thing to do in the morning is to play my favorite tune with my eyes half opened, my brain half awake, still wearing my pj and following my heart and my soul #formylovedones #loveme #yiruma #winter2017 #stilldaydreaming #musicthatmovesme

I love this girl to the infinity pool & beyond 😋 #phuket #stilldaydreaming

Saw this in @rapha_australia's instastory and wished I could be there. Really miss riding in Melbourne, and started reminiscing about the good old times.😌😌#givemeaplaneticketnow #nopayleave #stilldaydreaming

The more I seek,the less I know

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