Beam me up Universe!

Happy Monday! ⠀⠀
AHHH you guys the countdown is on .....with only a few days left until I leave for Bali! 🐒 🌸 With so many finishing touches left to make to @52rituals I’m going to have to STAY FOCUSED! It all almost feels like a dream, the trip and my vision, finally coming together not in my time, but in divine time 🙏 I see the magic of the Universe, when it sends me its perfectly timed winks, and things unfold more intricately and beautiful then I could ever arrange. I find the more I am able to both put in the effort towards my dreams, but then release control of how they come to pass, the more I can stay in this beautiful flow. Certainly not always easy and a lesson that I’ve been learning and will continue to learn for years to come. ✨
TRUST in yourself and TRUST in the Universe. ✨
Allow space for something even greater to show up. The Universe has a plan for you, if you’d only get out of your own way. ✨
A lesson for you and me.

#stelari #trustyourself #trusttheuniverse #flow

🎵 Saturday Vibes 🎵
The feeling when you become aware of the perfect symphony of the Universe!
🙏 All in divine time 🙏

Happy Friday Loves ❤️ ⠀⠀
I’ve been a little off the grid these week! I’ve been busy creating, modifying and creating a little more trying to get @52rituals ready for its coming out party! I can hardly believe a week from today I’ll be in the air ✈️ headed to Bali to celebrate my 40th! It’s my kind of triple threat BALI, BIRTHDAY AND BUSINESS!!! I’ll be sharing my adventure on @52rituals stories so make sure you are following along! 😘 ⠀⠀
#stelari #happyfriday #adventureawaits

I’m back at the beach this week, which always brings a little more freedom and space in my days. Yesterday I woke at dawn determined to make inroads on the places in which I find resistance. For me that means figuring out what the heck to write about myself? What an interesting task. As I mold my creation, refine, examine, and re-do I have to remind myself to look upon it with outside eyes. Who am I? What am I offering? How can this be less about me and more about you? Ultimately, what do I wish had been offered to me on the journey? 💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙
Of course, the best teachers never tell us the answers but point us in the direction for where we can discover and experience our own. So as I sink into another day of creation, I remind myself that WE ARE EACH RESPONSIBLE for finding our own path. My goal is simply to SPARK IN YOU a curiosity, a place forgotten, where you might release, and where you may begin to uncover the most powerfully beautiful YOU. This is @52rituals.
#stelari #selfinquiry #beofservice

Happy Friday Loves ❤️ ⠀⠀
I’m off to play today with my favorite photographer @csanchezphoto . This woman and I always seem to find magic together. Such a beautiful gift to co-create with someone whom holds space for all your crazy ideas and then layers on her own keen vision! ⠀⠀
Check out my stories throughout the day to check out all the behind-the-scenes of what really goes into manifesting these esoteric visions into reality. ✨ ⠀⠀
#stelari #creativedirector #creativevision

▪️I attract what’s in alignment with my soul. ▪️ This is my mantra lately, as I sit exposed about to share what’s in my soul.
It’s a scary things starting over and I’ve faced a lot of fears and anxieties the last couple years learning to heal. But this time has also helped to propel me much deeper down my spiritual path. As I prepare to share my “secrets” when I launch @52rituals in a few weeks, my mantra has become increasingly important to me so that I stay in alignment with what my soul wants to offer.....
I want to help other woman know, that healing and deep meaningful connection is available to them. That they can retrieve the lost, dormant or perhaps never found parts of their soul through ritual, reflection and reverence. That they can recapture the curiosity and creativity of their childhood. Ultimately our medicine becomes what we offer in service. And so, I begin this journey, as something I never thought I would be, as a teacher. But moreover, as a student, with a boundless enthusiasm to learn about life and the human soul. ⠀⠀
Oh and my mantra, its here to remind me to stay out of my head.
To stay true to my path and mission.
To trust that those whom need this offering will find it.
To allow others’ judgements of it to be, well, none of my business.
To know its value isn’t dependent on the number of views, likes, or comments. (Hello ego!)
To remain truthful, authentic, and unwilling to play the game.
For this is the tue journey indeed.
Big love to all of you whom take the time to read these daily reflections. I see every single one of you and your support gives me fuel to know its all worth it.
❤️ ⠀⠀
#stelari #52rituals #herosjourney#herosjourney

We all know the value of training our body, but how many of us put the same attention towards training our mind.
We are that which we continuously do and think and yet so little of us actually condition the mind. We falsely believe every story and deposit it into our subconscious through our absent minded devotion to it. We create our fear stories BECAUSE of the neuron pathways WE HAVE CREATED in the mind not because they are true. But we have the power to shape our reality and our mind through mantra, meditation, lucid dreaming, and many others. If we want to control something, its our mind for which we should put the attention. ⚡️ ⠀⠀
#stelari #thoughtsarethings #luciddreaming

Did you enjoy a guilty pleasure this weekend?
I certainly did, although its probably not what you think! ⠀⠀
My weekend was filled with space — space to ground into my family, my home and my soul. Space to explore my creativity and to put my ideas into action. Space for me to feel into how I need to show up in the world without apology for who or what I am. A place to remind myself to let go of any story that isn’t in alignment with my highest self. We all need these kind of days, weekends, or months. We all have a different ability and desire to sit with ourselves. Mostly we fill our time with so many distractions and social engagements we never find the time and space for our soul to even surface. If this all feels a little boring and uncomfortable to you, then my guess is you probably need it the most. 🙏 ⠀⠀
My advice, find a way everyday, to sit with your soul. Whether it be 5 minutes or 5 hours, ask her what she needs? Ask that your actions and thoughts be in alignment with her. Thank your ego for its opinion (I’m sure you are quite clear what it thinks since the same thoughts keep rotating around your head) and ask your soul to speak up. As you create this space, so too will this voice grow. You will begin to differentiate between the two, and your ability to live from a heart-centered soul-led space will thrive. Create space. ⠀⠀ #stelari #soulspace #guiltypleasure

We are all vibrating out our own song. Every thought, every experience it creates a vibrational symphony that we broadcast into the Universe. Every belief a note, every thought pattern a melody. Learning to clean and tune our vibrational frequency allows us to come closer to the vibrational blueprint of our most realized selfs. ⠀⠀
Happy Friday!
What melody will you be sending the Universe this weekend?
#stelari #weareenergy #thoughtsarethings

In her story lies the mystery
Of a complicated history
Of 1000 gratitudes
And wounds that intrude
Of a love lost
And one that will not exhaust
Spiritual crusades and ego plays
leaves us longing for days.
But in the quest
I found all the rest.
The pain, the sorrow,
The laughter and all my tomorrows.
I feared the space
For I did not not know it would erase
The need for the external
Because the gifts were eternal
Find this place
And you will be graced
The call to be
Fully free
#stelari #poemaday #devotion

How often do you go all in?
Like completely, unapologetically without hesitation all in?
This of course depends largely on your personality and life experiences.
I’ve always been kind of an all or nothing kind of girl, but over the last couple of years I ‘be witnessed myself tread more lightly. Some might say experience has made me wise, another perspective might say it has made me fearful, either way I can see where I haven’t been completely daring myself. Yesterday I was dishing with @heidi_livinthemoontime about being ready to push through some of the physical barriers in practice. I can feel a shift and know now its time to press. Press not only physically but also through the mental blocks that have kept me safe but also stagnant. I’m ready to precariously take that leap out of the nest again and this time I’m ready to fly. 🦅 ⠀⠀
#stelari #dareyourself #breakthrough

Good Morning Tuesday,
I’m lucky to have you. For today, is another day, I have the choice to fill you with my passions and dive through my curiosities. It’s another day to emote the good, the bad and maybe even an ugly cry. It’s a day I get to linger in your genius, wonder at your synchronicity and fall into the mystery of me. Today, is a day perhaps like any other, but TODAY I CHOOSE TO SEE YOU AS A GIFT. Maybe I’ll get it right, maybe it will go wrong (whatever that means) but either way I am blessed to be in this human body , having this very human experience. I GET TO FEEL, to touch, to breathe, to dance, to be within my body. ⠀⠀ ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️
What a sacred gift indeed.
Thank you Tuesday 🙏 ⠀⠀
#stelari #gratitude #lettertomyself

Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks. - Yo-yo Ma
We were meant to create. It is an inherent part of being human and to deny your creativity is to close off a very essential part of your being. Creativity has nothing to do with being artistic, although it could be expressed that way. It could be the way you’ve arranged your furniture, your clothing or even your life. It’s the way we express our unique perspective and its takes courage. There is always a risk when we outwardly express our creativity. We wonder whether others will see what “we see.” Will it be acknowledged, ignored or worst laughed at?
But from my viewpoint creativity and spirituality are intricately intertwined and so I am beckoned on. My own creativity comes from my heart connection with source. The head, well, it simply gets in the way. I can not think my way into a creative idea, but must fall into the feeling of what wants to be expressed. For years I struggled without an outlet for my creativity. I identified as a business person not an artist or creative. It has been a long journey to heal my false stories and perceptions and I encourage you to do the same. Creativity is one of my greatest sources of joy and connection.
Certainly worthy of exploration, don’t you think? 🙏
#stelari #creativity #creativeexpression

Happy Friday! ✌️ ⠀⠀

Reverse Triangle
I have to admit “reverse” anything is pretty difficult for me. I’d love to say its because I’m not stuck in the past, but the truth is our past forms the filter by which we see the world. “My truth” of a situation and “your truth” of that same situation came both be equally “true” and valid because the lens and frequency by which we are seeing the world is different. Our perceptions, or lens, is altered by our relationship with our past - pain, frustration, joy, triumph — it all goes into the melting pot. Our frequency, or the consciousness we operate within, is determined not only by these perspectives but also what we do, or don’t do to elevate it. The foods we eat, the music and media we consume, how we move our body and process stress all have a dramatic effect on raising or lowering our own vibration. Just because I see something and you don’t doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or there’s a story at play, it could quite simply mean we are seeing the world from different frequencies. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️
Learning simply ways to elevate your frequency can help you to quite literally see the world with NEW EYES 👀. It’s not that the world 🌎 has changed, you have. 🙏▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️
👉 Just as the filter on these photos effects the way you see them! 😉
#stelari #raiseyourvibration #higherfrequency

I intend
To no longer bend
To the critique
I will turn my cheek
To the voice in my head
And all thing unsaid
Let it be known
That I have grown
And will not be thrown
From this path
No matter the wrath
For the soul has spoken
And I have woken. 🧚‍♀️
⠀⠀ #stelari #poemaday #letitbeknown

How do we decipher the language of the soul from that of the ego?
The heart from the head.
It sounds so simple really, but navigating it in reality can be a different thing. But as you become more intimate with yourself, you may begin to attune to the subtleties in which each speak. Most often I find, the soul speaks in symbols and synchronicity.
Your soul has a plan for you. It has been crafting experiences and events for you your entire life. Opportunities for which you to grow, learn, strengthen and find your soulmates and guardians. Our free will determines whether we will follow on our highest path or be distracted with the fears and needs our ego projects. ⠀⠀

You have a choice. When will you learn to trust your soul?
#stelari #soulspeak #yourhigherself

Today I fall into that which I seek. ⠀⠀
The journey into self is always evolving and today I leave for retreat to release and uncover yet another layer. There is part of me that is scared and would rather just lounge in this space I’ve created and yet I know that this resistance is pointing the way to the source of my greatest power. And just like this pose requires a leaf of faith, a confidence and a quiet inner strength, I too know that no matter what shows up I am held not only by the strength of my own soul but by Source itself. ⠀⠀
So I say yes to this journey.
I journey not only to uncover the mystery within but to understand how I can offer a light to others on the path.
I journey to know my own strength and the wisdom of my soul.
I journey to learn how to stand in my own light for I no longer will allow myself to shrink. ⠀⠀
I journey so I too may become EMPOWERED. ⠀⠀
See you on the other side soul sisters! 😘💫 #stelari #myjourney #soulretreat

Where can you soften?
Where can you strengthen?
How can you become more fluid?
How can you be more gentle?
How can give a little more, while releasing expectations?
How often do you reflect on your own patterns?
How often do you drink your own Koolaid?
How often have you forgotten to forgive?
To forgive yourself?
How often do you distract instead of feel?
How quick are you to blame instead of ask why?
How can you bend a little more, in your heart and mind?
How can you learn to trust?
To trust yourself.
To release your judgement,
Of yourself.
#stelari #selfinquiry #askwhy

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